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Londa and her collection of unique and happy snowmen

by Jodi Wojciechowski

While many people sigh at the thought of dusting their decorations and untangling strings of fairy lights in time for Christmas, one person is gleefully unpacking hers.

Londa Olson is one of the biggest snowman fanatics and her collection of memorabilia will attest to it.

Londa's army of 300 plus snowmen come in all shapes and sizes. It's a collection that would surely make Scrooge smile.

Despite the remarkably efficient arrangement of the snowmen, the glittery gathering began purely by accident back in 2003.

Anne Granitz and Londa were doing their Christmas gift exchange, and Anne gifted Londa her first snowman.

"She had given me angels in prior years, but when I received the snowman from her it made me smile," Londa happily stated.

It all started right then and there. You could say it was love at first sight.

"Little by little, I was getting more snowman and I didn't realize I was getting a collection started," said Londa.

"The past 10 years I have kept my eyes open for snowmen, and I now have a collection!"

Luckily for Londa, her obsession with snowmen is shared by her husband Marlin.

Londa does all the displaying of her snowmen, but if help is needed Marlin is right there. He also has helped her find the perfect snowman treasure when they have been on vacation.

The snowmen are made from wood, porcelain, paper, even crystal glass, and they range in size from half an inch to more than 4 ft. tall.

"Snowmen are a positive symbol ­worldwide," she said. "They signify a very happy time of year to people. And they are so elegant, smartly dressed in a hat, scarf and bright buttons."

The snowman fanatic always rolls out her stunning collection in November and puts it away in March. It has been put away earlier and stayed out longer.

"It depends on the snow. If the snow leaves early so do my snowmen, and if it stays longer my snowmen get to stay out longer," said Londa.

It takes her a week to get them all set up in the right place. The staggering squadrons of snowmen dominate her kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom and anywhere she can find room for just one more! The snowmen with their carrot noses and button eyes peep out from the most unlikely places.

There are cuddly ones, glass ones, dinner plates, dessert plates, bowls, cups, coffee cups, shower curtains, blankets, snow globes, kitchen towels, socks, mittens, little mailboxes, solar lights, Christmas stockings, outdoor wooden decorations and a necklace.

They greet you as you drive into their yard while the rest greet you when you enter their home.

"People started buying me snowmen and it just grew from there," revealed Londa. "I don't think I'll ever stop buying them. I arrange them into families. Each one is unique in its own way and they each have a story to tell."

Londa has all her snowmen memorized and when she is setting them up, she knows if she is missing one.

"I have snowmen from as far away as Montana and Colorado. Some are from different places in Minnesota and some are from family and friends. They are unique and always happy!"

Recently, they were shopping around town and Marlin came across a New Year's snowman while they were in M and M Modern Material.

Londa was excited she was able to rescue a new snowman for her collection, and it even talks! Her first snowman added to her collection for 2023.


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