Are you getting your Paper?


January 25, 2023

I can't tell you how many times we have heard in the past months, "we didn't get our paper." I don't think any of us at the office could even give you a number to how many times it has been.

There was a time when the Post Office was telling their customers to call us, like it was our fault.

Ummm...excuse me! We bring the newspaper to the Post Office every Friday and once it's in their hands it's up to them to get it delivered. Right!?!

That hasn't been the case and we have been getting more and more calls.

I was beyond frustrated and started confronting our post office about it and was getting nowhere.

Oh!...I could email the higher ups. I wanted a number to call someone NOT an email.

I finally did email and never heard back from anyone! That did me a lot of good. It helped our subscribers tremendously! NOT!!

I have learned that one of the mail carriers refused to work Saturdays. Really? You can pick and choose the days you want to work as a mail carrier?

I started having the newspaper mailed to me to see when and if I would receive it. I chose to do this since the above-mentioned mail carrier is also my mail carrier. I have always received it, but not in a timely manner.

During December I asked about our newspaper and when it would be delivered so I could plan the printing schedule for the the holiday greeting ads.

I was informed that the said mail carrier assured the Post Office she would be working all the Saturdays in December.

I scheduled the printing of the greeting issues and guess what?! She did not work the Saturdays as she said she would for the month of December! What a surprise!

I demanded a refund from the post office and was told that it's not possible. Ummm...I'm PAYING, yes PAYING for a service and the service isn't being provided in a timely matter. I want a refund! Needless to say that didn't happen.

I've heard excuse after excuse; she was sick, our truck didn't come until later and I sent everyone home...really?! The Roseau paper was at your office but I was told that they weren't sending everyone out for just the newspaper. I paid for it to be delivered? You don't appreciate our business?

It's been a fight and I haven't been winning the battle in the least bit.

I know I'm not the only one complaining about our mail delivery. I have heard the stories from so many. Everyone is frustrated and no one knows what else to do.

Guess what!? We finally received a photo that will help all of us! We now know where our missing papers are going! The recycling bin!!

If you haven't been receiving your Roseau Times Region, Northern Watch or Northland Trading Post there is a good chance it got recycled before you had the chance to look at it!

What happened to "We deliver through rain, sleet or snow. We are the United States Postal Service"?

Don't get me wrong, not all postal workers are bad and several of them will do anything to help you. I have had a few go out of their way for me and I definitely appreciate them!

It's one in particular who isn't fulfilling her duties as a mail carrier, and it's affecting a lot of us. I will say thanks to the photo, the incident is under investigation. Let's hope something will finally be done about it and we will start getting our mail!

Joke of the Week

The mailman told me he's off to Spain tomorrow...

So I asked him if he was going to Parcelona.

He proceeded to ignore what I believe was my best joke.

I probably didn't say it right.

The key to a good mailman joke is the delivery.


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