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In Regards To Roger Hites Letter

This letter is in regards to the letter written by Roger (Jimmy) Hites, Jr. a couple of weeks ago.

Jimmy’s father Roger Hites, Sr. hired me to be his caregiver the day he had his accident on August 26, 2022. I was to care for him and be available to him 24/7 even while he was in the hospital and rehab.

In Jimmy’s letter he sent a copy of the police report which was published to show the series of events that tragic day.

Also, in that report it stated I had stolen $10,000 from Roger. That is a false accusation!

The day after I quit working for Roger I sent an itemized statement to his daughter Janelle Dooley in a text so she could show it to her father. The statement detailed all expenses incurred by me and services rendered while I cared for Roger. The Roseau Co. Sheriff’s Dept. also has a copy of said statement.

The $10,000 was partial payment for services rendered. Roger’s estate still owes me money for my services. Mrs. Dooley has never replied to any of my texts.


Deborah Blazek


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