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Danielle Byfuglien receives Top Staffing Honors

by Laurel Latham

On Tuesday January 24, at the World Staffing Summit, Danielle Byfuglien was presented with a certificate declaring her "Third Top Staffing Leader to Watch in 2023."

"It's quite an honor," said Danielle. "Number one and two are Chief Financial Officers who have teams assisting with networking. I only have me working from home in Fox, Ross Township. When I tell other staffers just how far north in Minnesota I live, they are in disbelief."

The World Staffing Summit is the world's largest virtual event for staffing leaders. Danielle Byfuglien is Marketing Manager at Adecco Staffing U.S.A.

So how did Danielle manage to be named "Third Staffing Leader to Watch in the World?"

"It's all social media,"explained Danielle. "I'm on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and Linkedin. Anyone inside and outside Adecco can vote for top staffer. Our area is so fortunate to have so many successful companies within driving distance; Polaris, Marvin, Central Boiler, Digi-key and Artic Cat. It's my goal to find people the right position in the best company for them. "It helps that I am a people person. It's in my DNA. I inherited the ability to connect with others from Grandpa Kenny. Absolutely everywhere Grandpa Kenny went, it could be Edmonton Alberta or Seattle, Washington, he would start a conversation with someone and find a connection with that person. Like Grandpa Kenny, I believe everyone has a story to tell and every story is important."

Danielle took a long and winding path to her staffing career at Adecco.

"I have a degree in Cosmetology and then earned a Bachelors in Business," explains Danielle. "I attended nursing school at Northland for a semester but found, although my mom is a wonderful RN, nursing was not the career for me."

Danielle worked for almost a year as a inside sales rep at Digi-key and gives Digi-key credit for their amazing customer service training. Digi-key lead to a year long job in California with one of their customers, and then to Maryland for another year.

"I decided to move back to Roseau to raise my son," said Danielle." I applied for many jobs that I didn't get. At the time, it's crushing, but everything happens for a reason. Rejection is protection. When doors didn't open, it got me on the right path. I ran the simulation staffing assessment at Polaris and then Adecco offered me a position. They are the second largest staffing company in the world."

For residents who live in Roseau County, as well as surrounding counties, Danielle Byfuglien is not a stranger. She attends numerous events promoting Roseau. She's on WILD 102 Monday mornings from 7:30-8:00 a.m. Danielle also does social media on weekends for Core Powersports and is well known for her red lipstick and sparkly sunglasses.

I grew up a tomboy with six brothers," reports Danielle. "I never wore makeup in high school but I discovered makeup in college. My son Draycen is the flag official with Cor Powersports and my boyfriend Nick is the Tech Director."

Once on the subject of snowmobile racing it's difficult to get Danielle on any track but the snowmobile track.

"Rookie driver Evan Peppel with Hetteen Heritage Racing dominated the I-500. Roseau's Boe Bunke was there for the first time as well but he didn't get a chance to race. They would both be great interviews!" Exclaimed Danielle.

Thanks for the tip Danielle! Danielle may be number three staffer in the world but in Roseau County she's the one and only Dynamic Danielle!


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