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Third Annual Malung Mountain Sled Race

by Laurel Latham

This year's third annual Malung Mountain cardboard sled race will take place on Sunday, March 5th. Registration will be at 1 p.m. (no entry fee), drivers meeting at 1:30 p.m., with the race beginning at 2 p.m.

"The first two years we held the cardboard sled race in February, but decided the weather may be warmer if we waited until March," explained Don Miller. "Last year was cold with an inch of fresh snow so Malung Mountain was a slow hill. The hill runs north and south, so when we go down the hill we shoot for Canada." Don joked. (There's more than deep snow in a conversation with Don!)

"Some build elaborate cardboard sleds, but a cardboard box with a name on it is fine too," said Don.

"Just follow the rules for materials. No rigid plastic, metal, glass or wood, no sharp edges. Sleds should be made of cardboard and held together with string, rope, glue or tape. 100% of the bottom may be waxed or covered. Helmets are recommended."

"The key to all events at Malung Community Center is the amazing volunteers," reports Julane Kjaer. "It takes numerous volunteers to put the cardboard sled race together. Don and Doris Miller put in a lot of work to make sure the sled race goes smoothly. They are so creative!"

Linda Hedlund agrees "Don and Doris are a gift to Malung Community Center," said Linda. "This year we are keeping lunch simple and serving hotdogs, chips, hot chocolate and cookies. There will be coffee too. It will be a fun day with plenty of treats. Lunch is freewill donation."

Curt Kjaer has already spent many hours on this year's new cardboard sled for his grandchildren, Harrison and Havilyn.

"This year's sled is a Chuck E. Cheese sled," reports Julane. "The grandkids like Chuck E. Cheese so Curt decided that was the sled to build. Last year he built the Grave Digger. It was very popular with Harry and Havi."

Don and Doris have four amazing cardboard sleds they built in previous years, they plan to bring to Malung Mountain. "Their sleds are pretty awesome," said Julane. "One is a helicopter!"

"I have our sleds all tuned up and ready for the race," explains Don. "Our first year 34 sleds were registered. Last year we had 36 sleds. We get a lot of parents with young children.

"It's really more of a get-together than a race, although we do give out awards for Coolest Sled, Distance Award, Wipe Out Award and Top of the Hill Award. It's a fun community event.

"Greg and Pam Iverson will be the cardboard sled race officials and will wear ref shirts. They will call the shots and hand out the awards," added Don.

Event categories are Snowflakes- 3rd grade and younger, Snowballs- 4th-12th grade, Slo-Birds- everyone else.

For more information call Don 218-280-8253 or Curt 218-469-2163.


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