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Meet The UPS Gal With the Terrific Outlook and Smile

by Jeff Olsen

Katie Marynik was dropping off packages at various Roseau businesses and residences last week.

She stands out in a crowd.

At just an inch shy of 72 inches, she is occasionally asked if she played basketball in high school.

She didn't.

Go ahead and ask if she's married or single.

"Engaged," she said, and her smile said it all.

She's got a good man.

"But we haven't set a date yet," she said, and spelled out his name - Thain Abrahamson.

She grew up in Grand Forks and attended Central High School.

"I graduated in 2012."

She smiled when it was noted that she is almost 30.

"Yeah, getting up there."

Every delivery person makes it a practice to know where the most accessible bathrooms are.

Katie is no exception.

She was asked if she had gone to college.

"Yes, I went to Northland in Thief River and then in East Grand Forks. I went for law enforcement and then firefighting."

At Central High School, she played volleyball.

Were you a spiker?

She giggled.

"Yes, I was the outside hitter."

Ever work in law enforcement or firefighting?

"Nope, I graduated and came back to UPS," she said, noting that she did work for UPS during college.

What do you enjoy about UPS?

"I just love being out in the open, seeing the wildlife and my great customers."

She commented on the occasional goodie bags she receives from her customers.

Where's your route?

"I do in-town, Badger, the east side of Roseau and out to Salol."

Katie was asked if there were any persnickety dogs on her route.

She reached in her jacket and pulled out a super-sized dog biscuit. She prefers happy customers and appreciative dogs.

She was in a local business wearing a gray silicone engagement ring.

"It's my work ring," she said.

She first met her future husband through his brother.

"He works at Central Boiler in Greenbush, and we live in Thief River," she said, add that the starting time for UPS drivers is 9 a.m. or thereabouts.

The trucks are already fully loaded for the drivers.

Ever have trouble finding packages?

"Yes, it's got its days, especially during Christmas."

Finding a particular package can be a challenge during the holidays.

Like your job?

"I do. I love it! I can't imagine doing anything else."

How much do you walk in a day?

"A lot. I get my steps in. Usually 10,000," she said, glancing at her wrist watch that tracks her steps.

This isn't the busy season.

That's from Black Friday to early January.

Got good heat and air conditioning in the van?

"We get air conditioning in the winter and heat in the summer," she laughed.

Then, there was another question about her engagement and if Mr. Abrahamson had knelt and proposed.

He did.

Is it a nice ring?

"Yes, very nice."

She has this tremendous smile, and it lights the place.

She is the UPS Gal with the winning smile.

And then she lit up again when asked where they plan to get married.

"We're thinking about the Bahamas. We're bouncing that around."

Last Thursday at the Roseau Times-Region, publisher Jodi Wojciechowski smiled appreciatively when asked about Katie, the UPS Gal.

"She's super nice and very friendly and whenever we're driving around, she even knows our truck and waves to us."

And if Jodi is sitting outside the office in her truck, Katie brings the packages over to her.

"Katie's a good one. She's real sweet. I think she's the friendliest we've ever had actually."


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