By Ryan Honl 

New Roseau PowerSports Park Opening June 3 With Big Event


Future Powersports Park

by Ryan Honl

A pretty impressive team of Roseau Polaris engineers are building one heck of a big Powersports Park just on the outside of town, north on 11th Avenue about a mile past Roseau Electric Cooperative. The course will be approximately 1.6 miles long on 56 acres.

It opens June 3 for a huge kickoff with a mudding event called Mud Mayhem. The event will be from noon until 3 p.m. and anyone is welcome to come with or without all terrain vehicles.

All three engineers have all terrain vehicles of their own and are excited to get out there themselves.

Caroline Allard, a Polaris engineer originally from near Winnipeg, is pretty excited.

"We'll have an opportunity for the whole community to sign up," she said.

"We're starting out with an ATV/UTV course. Long term we want to include a place for dirt bikes to ride as well. After the Mud Mayhem event we'll be exploring the creation of a dirt bike course because there are a lot of people in the community that do like to ride dirt bikes. It's kind of a void up here for people to ride motocross," continued Caroline.

Sean Trihey grew up here and is employed as a Polaris engineering technician. He shared a bit of the history of the acreage out there.

"It was originally part of the Parks and Recreation that was mandated to go along with the diversion ditch," he said. "It's been unfinished but there are people in the community that use it now but it's been neglected and not maintained. That's when a bunch of us from Polaris got together. Polaris is sponsoring this event and will have some vehicles out there."

As far as future plans, he said, "Eventually it'll be a city park where anyone can go out there and have a picnic and bring your kids. The track is small enough so you can walk around it and keep an eye on them. Meanwhile if you want to bring your ATV and hit some mud holes you can."

Andrew Worthley, another engineer originally from Colorado, has lived in Roseau since last year after college and took a job at Polaris. He loves it here for the outdoors opportunities. He said, "Hopefully by June 3 we'll have our 501(c)(3) status to be a non profit. It's a club that people can join. We'll have funding from Polaris and the city to help along with any donations. We've already started construction out there to make the jumps safer and overall designing it to be a better place to spend the afternoon."

As far as the course itself he said, "It will be broken into several sections. We also have plans for a winter snowmobiling course. There'll be an opportunity through the club to get involved and join. We have a big vision to push forward. I think it would be great to spread knowledge about the Roseau Power Sports Club and the mudding event with enthusiasm, as well as spread the vision for turning it into something special, with a course for every type of off-road vehicle right next to town.

"They still have a bit of work to finish in May, but if you've got an all terrain vehicle, the new Roseau Powersports Park will be ready for you on June 3. Come on out for a day of fun!

The only safety requirement is to bring a helmet. But it's also recommended to bring eye protection, gloves, long pants/sleeves, and over the ankle boots.


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