Write On: The Plunge by Lilly Olson


Essay by: Lilly Olson

Roseau Community School

Mrs. Didrikson, College Writing The icy water hits my skin as I plunge into the dark murky water. My hand is tightly holding David's while my other hand is free. I close my eyes tight, anticipating the icy cold splash. It feels like David and I are jumping into the water in slow motion. 

Suddenly my whole body is numb, my breathing is faster, and I can feel my heartbeat through my chest. Everything is now in fast motion. What's my next move? Do I scream, or stay quiet? I should stay quiet, make myself look tough. As if I am not completely dying inside.  

I get out in a hurry, I can't handle the cold for this long. Why do they have us climb up a metal ladder as if we are not cold enough? I feel the soles of my feet burn against the icy metal bar.

All I can think of is getting into the warming house. 

My adrenaline is through the roof. I have never felt this much energy rush through my body before. Am I about to have a heart attack? My body feels as if I am in a burning fire when I get inside the warming house. Why did I think this would be something fun to do?

I guess I felt like I needed to do it. Something to check off the list of "Unexpected Things Lilly Does." There are many things that make my friends think I'm crazy but in reality, I'm just blonde. If plunging into icy water shows the crazy side of me, then I will do it over and over again. 


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