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President Kamala Harris graced the presence of Minnesotans last week. I say President since Joe Biden doesn’t have a prayer of lasting 5 more years if he’s reelected so we might as well start now calling her the President to ease our way into several years of word salads, giggles, and the celebration of dead children.

While Joe’s wars around the world spin out of control and those death counts spiral, Kamala Harris came to a Minnesota Planned Parenthood Clinic in the midst of a world falling apart to espouse the virtues of child infanticide counting into the millions since Roe v Wade. With Roe now overturned and back to the States, the race is on in Minnesota to be the premier State to kill babies encouraging women from states that refuse to kill babies to come to a State that does. If you’re thinking of committing murder, I have a defense for you. Just call it “reproductive rights” when in reality it’s “deproductive rights” and then turn to a Democrat Governor to not only get off the hook for murder, but have it celebrated and a statue made in your honor for being that murderer with the President coming to dedicate it. The higher the death count the bigger your statue will be and the more often you’ll get a Presidential visit. It’ll be a sunset of life gift to the venerable “Catholic” Joe Biden who also espouses war and infanticide. As the Bible states so clearly there is no walking both sides of fences and the Devil comes disguised as a self declaring Angel of Light. But if you think Joe is bad the President in Reserve loves coming with her giggle to a Minnesota death factory.

Speaking of Joe and his wars, he’s gone from hugging Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to now calling for his overthrow. It’s kind of in line with abortion since Hamas cut off children’s heads on October 7 and in percentages the Israeli October 7 was many times larger than our 9/11. Abortion doctors literally rip apart children in the womb with forceps, taking them out piece by piece, and then selling the body parts for profit. So too is Hamas celebrated among Democrats for taking it to a new level with kitchen knives and ovens in Jewish homes. If Americans really witnessed babies torn out piece by piece it would be a losing argument for Democrats. Republican Louisiana Senator Kennedy showed the procedure in slides last week to all the empty seats of protesting Democrats in a Senate Hearing so that’s one way of not facing it.

We’re dealing with a sick morally bankrupt Democrat Party where they insist on a ceasefire with Hamas murderers but it’s full steam ahead in Ukraine worked up in an anti-Trump debunked frenzy the last 8 years over Russia, Russia, Russia and driving us closer and closer to nuclear war. There will be no negotiations there they say. It’s Total War to the end whether or not it leads to a nuclear holocaust in the wake of years of anti Trump Democrat hysteria finally proven wrong. But it seems a holocaust whether it be of Jews or babies is a celebratory thing among Democrats these days.

Joe used to be of the Old Democrat Party where the Jewish Holocaust during World War II was actually a bad thing, nearly every American Jew was Democrat, and America became a haven for oppressed Jews where everyone on both sides of the political spectrum said “never again.” Well, “again” is now in today’s Democrat Party. The Islamic Fundamentalists who hate democracy and religious freedom now have their very own heroes in the American Congress. Detroit which has become a cesspool of anti-semitism under Representative Rashida Tlaib along with Representative Omar’s district here in Minnesota joined with radical leftist Democrats to turn the screws on Old Joe and sent him a warning: Abandon Israel and cleanse Jews from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea which happens to be all of Israel. But such is the way of votes. They’re a great way to sell your own soul.

I’m not sure what’s worse. A morally bankrupt Democrat Party saying they’re going to do what they publicly say they’re going to do destroying good and celebrating evil or a Republican House Majority that sits by and lets it all happen. I’m thinking the latter. The former are telling the truth and the latter doesn’t walk the talk.

What is really rich are the Democrats saying this November’s election is a choice between democracy and dictatorship. I mean who would be for politically appointed judges and elected prosecutors charging political opponents with 88 felonies and trying to send them to jail while destroying the capitalist businesses of those who run against the opposition party? THAT certainly would be a Banana Republic. No danger to democracy there. Yet here we are. Democrats who love to call themselves democrats heading us straight into a Banana Republic dictatorship where they dream of only one party with opposition candidates in name only. Their goal is a dictator style election where you win with 90% of the vote and then jail the other 10%. The Democrat Party has become the real threat to democracy.

Pray for America. Its decline is in full swing.


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