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This newspaper is 11 months shy of being 130 years old. So let me start with an advertisement for the Roseau Museum and Historical society.

I go to the museum occasionally to research various things. The room off to the right coming in houses historical documents going way back. Way way back. One part of the treasure trove is the back issues of the Roseau Times-Region. Nearly every one of them exists at the society along with being viewable on the computer they have. A run through the museum is free. A membership to the historical society gets you access to everything for just a few bucks a year. Check it out.

The newspaper back in the early days before TV and radio was literally the only way people got news whether it was local, state, national, or world. Today you literally know what's going on at the other side of the world instantly just grabbing your cell phone. So looking at an 1895 issue it is pretty cool to see everything that was going on in the world. I'm surprised they had an operation going in 1895. It's quite a job in the computer age for those at the office to get it out today. It must have been quite a sight doing that in 1895.

You ought to try stopping by the museum to check it all out. Well worth it. Plus the museum staff will teach you all you need to know to find anything you want.

Nikki Haley's Vote

Nikki Haley endorsed Trump this week. She said it best in her announcement:

"Trump has not been perfect...I've made that clear many, many times," Haley said. "But Biden has been a catastrophe. So I will be voting for Trump."

Some say never mix politics with religion. So I'm going to mix politics with religion. Ephesians 5:11 tells me to do that so there.

Now I've never been one to call Trump a saint or anything. Like the rest of us he's anything but. The man is rough around the edges to say the absolute least. His Tweets are mean. He fights back harder than he gets. Probably why I like him a lot. It takes just one reading of my opinion columns to see I'm a bit of a Trump when it comes to abrasiveness. I'm also a bit of a Martin Luther as well being a total pain in the butt to the political and church powers that be and maybe going overboard a bit at times. Well, most of the time if I'm being honest.

Mr. Biden's policies and the Democrat platform are evil. He either missed or just ignores Jeremiah 1:5 talking about God knowing us before we were even in the womb. It's best to tread carefully on going against that and say abortion is a righteous thing. I don't know where Mr Trump stands in the deep recesses of his heart just as we don't know that about any person. But one thing I do know. If he hadn't been our President from 2017 to 2021 we'd have a liberal activist Supreme Court today under Hillary Clinton and Roe v Wade would still be the law of the land. I highlight this one issue because it's important but I look at all of Trump's and Biden's policies in a similar way. What effect will a president have on policies that I agree with or disagree with? In my book Biden fails that test on nearly every issue. As a matter of fact I'd have to think for a while and do some lengthy research on finding any policy Joe pushes around that's a good thing for the future of this country.

What you vote for isn't what you get with Joe. He's changed his beliefs on policy a countless number of times in his over 50 years in government instead of the real world. To get votes today in the Democrat party, you have to be on the outer fringes of the left which is something he never used to be. Joe Biden was more conservative 50 years ago because the country was more conservative. With the moral decay of the growing woke left these days where's Joe? Steeped in moral decay of the left to get their votes. The man is like a chameleon changing his colors according the latest polling. He's a bus driver to bus drivers, a pilot to pilots, and telling my Alma Mater at West Point last week he was a Naval Academy appointee competing with Roger Staubach to be quarterback. Problem is he's none of those. The West Wing of the White House, where the sausage is made, is now half full of propagandists trying to constantly explain away Joe Biden's falsehoods.

Trump says things that make all of us cringe. They are often cringeworthy in their political incorrectness. But that's his appeal. He tells it like it is. And we need a lot more of that in Washington. The place is a dump. A swamp. And he's the first President to explicitly say that. And the swamp doesn't like it. And Joe Biden is literally the swamp having lived in it for over half a century. The policy to support is the one with the biggest campaign check. That's the essence of The Swamp. Trump needed that money less than any president before him and The Swamp of taxpayer sucking cash behind the back thieves hate it.

And so the democrats with Joe trailing in every poll according even to the most left leaning media at this point are resorting to anything but policy to take him down before November. Russia Russia Russia didn't work. Impeachment didn't work. So now it's the coup de grace that'll get him. Prison! It is no coincidence that after all these years of trying to take him down the democrat justice system full of elected democrat judges and elected democrat prosecutors charge and drag him through multiple trials less than 6 months before an election for things that happened as far back as 20 years ago. The democrat justice system could have gone after him 20 years ago on some of these charges. But gosh all of a sudden less than 6 months before an election he's charged with every crack he's ever stepped on including cracks that aren't even there.

The public sees it for the farce it is as evidenced by the polling that gets better and better for Trump with each passing day of sitting in a courtroom. The man had 100,000 people attend his political rally in New Jersey after being in court. For those of you that don't know New Jersey is about as democrat as you can get aside from California. And that was the biggest Presidential political rally in American history.

The American people who've spent more than 2 minutes paying attention see the game for what it is: an absolute joke and just another reason to vote for Trump in November. So keep at it democrats. Whenever someone points out democrat failed policies they just say, "Trump bad! Mean tweets! Jail!" I guess when you literally have nothing else to run on Joe might as well keep on with the Hail Mary's closing out 2024. He was apparently a NFL quality quarterback after all. He said so.


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