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The "U-Turn" with a "Yes" instead of a "No"!

Numbers of times during my travels over the years I have come across signs which read: "No U-Turn". Sometimes these signs are accompanied by the words, "Emergency vehicles only."

Now, one might ask, "Why would one want to make a U-Turn if they are already on their way to somewhere else?" Wellllll, maybe just because the sign says "No!" Perhaps they have left something undone like turning off the oven before leaving on a 3-week vacation. Maybe they forgot something. Like, when I was on a bus trip to Colorado one time with a bunch of kids. We left one of our volunteer staff at a truck stop a hundred miles back. That's when I instituted the "buddy system" for all bus trips." "If your here, raise you're buddy's hand."

Maybe there was an emergency. Like, on t.v. where the Coyote chases the Roadrunner into a tunnel, and the next thing you see is the Coyote running for his life out the same end of the tunnel he entered. Why? Because now the Roadrunner is wearing an engineer's cap and driving a train that's about to do in poor Ol'Wile E!

Now, why do I think that's funny, when at the same time I'd like to join a movement that lobbies in Washington for the Coyote to win just once?

Maybe we're in need of making a U-Turn because we've discovered that we're headed the wrong direction (which, by the way, if we're a husband, is because we refused to stop and ask directions, and now our wife is turning her face toward the window and making funny sounds!

Heading the wrong direction. A good reason for a U-Turn. the Bible thinks so too. This morning let's examine a Biblical U-turn that has a "Yes" attached to it instead of a "No." Turn to Like 3 in your Bibles.

John, who was a "growly bear" sort of fellow, roared at his audience one day: "You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the coming wrath? Produce fruit in keeping with repentance". Luke 3: 7-8.

Repentance involves both an attitude toward sin, and an action away from sin. Repentance is a "U-Turn" on the highway of life. It means to stop heading in one direction and begin heading in the opposite direction. "To change ones mind, to alter one's direction and perspective on something.

Whether we are coming to Christ for the first time, or seeking his Lordship in our lives as Christians, we must "clear the way for Him to work in our lives." Repentance is the work of the saint as well as the sinner.

Repentance is the "U-Turn" with a "Yes!" A yes from God the Father; a yes from Jesus, and a yes from life itself, for if in the midst of sin, we will stop to listen to life, we'll hear a resounding "NO" echoing from the results of all we are pursuing. There is no substitute for repentance when we sin. Confession is not enough. We must run from our sin, and turn to God and begin to bring forth the fruit of repentance. On the Highway of Life, repentance is God's "U-Turn" with a "Yes" Attached to it.

Which way will you choose? Your decision will determine your destiny.

Until Next Time,

Pastor Joe Elick 1940-2021


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