December 20, 2019

Dear Santa,You are the BEST! Santa can you please get gifts for my brother and me? can you help my mom and dad?? My mom is going back to AFRICA to see her family. Please Santa, can you give us the chance to go baack? Can you also please get me a science experiment to make a valcano errupt? Thank you Santa. Your Friend, Darren Ngoda

Dear Santa, I know what I want for Christmas. I want my jamily to have the best best Christmas ever! I wish my mom was still alive so she can have a good Christmas too. Can I please get an rC Truck froj you Santa? I want one really bad. Can I get one from you Santa? You have a good Christmas Santa! Your Friend, Wyatt Peterson

Mrs Dahl, Grade 3

Dear Santa, how are you? Do your elves ever get grumpy while working, or are they always happy? If you were wondering what I want for Christmas I want a big fluffy read plaid blanket. Thank you for working so hard for making the toys we want. What is your favorite sport in the North Ple? Is it hockey? My favorite sport is hockey? I hope you have a peaceful Christmas. Love, Lauren Byfuglien

Dear Santa, how are you? Are you cold? Does Dasher like carrots? Mostly what I want for Christmas is a pair of black Addias shoes and a Iphone 11 pro max. I want a Nintendo switch and apple watch. Love Mason Jones

Dear Santa, hou’s life up in the North Pole? I would really live it if you got me 2 things a unicorn mouth mask and sun glases. I wil also leave carrots for all the reindeer. I hope you have a fun Christmas. Your friend, Cheyenne Fuller

Dear Santa, tell Dasher to put a hoof print on my gift. I want an Iphone11: I got carrots for Dasher. Love, Asher Dunham

Dear Santa, I hope that I’m not on the naughty list. Can I please have a new doll house and a few dolls to go with it. Thank you for last years gift. I hope you have a Merry Christmas, with the wlves and the reindeer I will now ask a few questions. Who is your favorite reindeer? I hope its Cupid because thats my favorite. Are the Eves hard working or lazy? Is my Elf on the shelf coming back soon? Her name is Peppermint snd she is one of your younger elves. Your Receiver Dalaynna Mortvedt

Dear Santa, how are you doing? I hope I’m not declared naughty. Thank you for my gifts from before. This Christmas I want a tablet, a coloring book, and a really great Christmas. You don’t have to give me all these gifts. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Dalton Aery

Dear Santa, how is Rudolph? This year what I would like for Christmas is a skateboard. Your friend Trinity Olson

Dear Santa, I hope that Rudolph’s nose is still red. I am going to give you a lot of cookies. I would want a very very big teddy bear for Christmas. You are the best Santa ever. I also hope that everyone gets what they want. Are you real? I will name all my friends. Conner, and Breck and Jax and Mason. I hope that you are real. Love your friend, Dietrich Olson

Dear Santa, how is Rudolph? Does he still guide your slegh/ Can I have a Big Stuffed Boxer? Love Kira Hargreaves

Dear Santa, how are you doing Santa/ Are the elves being good or bad? My elf on the shelf is being good. I would please want a doll. Love Sonja Menlove

Dear Santa, how are you doing? I want a real apple Ipad too play games on it. And I want a Iphone 11 to call my parents. I was nice this year. I hope you are not cold. How are your elves doing/ I hope you are doing good. I am at my moms house this year. You can give me either an apple Ipad or an I phone 11. Your friend, Jet Brellenthin

Dear Santa, how are the reindeer? Are they ready for Christmas? I want to spend time with my family this year. I hope that you will have a good Christmas. How are the elf's? Are they making toys? I hope that you get a toy for Dietrich and Thatcher and Lilly. I am going to have a good Christmas this year. Your friend, Lauren Olson

Dear Santa, I want a room by myself, I also want a play station. I would like a four wheeler, a new Nintendo. And an apple watch. Merry Christmas Ankanni Mboma

Dear Santa, what’s up? I hope your having a good winter. I’ve been very good this year. How are the elves and the reindeer? I would like a new white hockey helmet with a white cage. I hope no one is sick I like to read a lot. One last thing, do the elves play hockey? Your friend, Heaton Jennings

Dear Santa, I set lots of cookies for you. I want a Nintendo switch for Christmas please. Also an Apple I-pod please too. Hows Rudolph? there’s carrots too. Have a Merry Christmas. Love, Jax Hodny

Dear Santa, how are you? I would like a Robux gift card 40 dollars of Robux. That’s all I want for Christmas. BTW how’s Mrs. Claus? I cant promise I can give you cookies tho. From George Dilworth

Dear Santa, how are you? Santa are the deer doing good to? For Christmas I want an xbox. Sincerely. Tylor Berger

Dear Santa, how are you doing? Is Mrs. Claus behaving? Hie Santa, you should put some school work in Mrs. Dahl’s Stocking. I really hope I git rubber duckles. And I think you should put treats in Asa’s stocking and my goal is to get 200 points in AR. From your pal, Sylar Smith

Dear Santa, how you doing? Are the reindeer having a good tie/ Are the elves grumpy or they happy while their working Is Mrs Clause baking enough cookies? What I want for Christmas is nice clothes! I’d love to see the North Pole! Merry Christmas!!

Your favorite, Cecelia Jack

Dear Santa, how are the elves and reindeer? Let me think you made lots of toys and they are a masterpiece. I’ll leave some cookies and carrots for you and your reindeer. For Christmas I want Adidas clothing. I hope you have a good Christmas, Ainsley Eidsmoe

Dear Santa, how are you doing? I hope you are doing good because I have carrots for your Reindeer I hope your doing good down there. I will be at my mom’s house and my dad’s house. Merry Christmas, Bryston Srnsky

Dear Santa, how are you? Do the elfs play hockey? I hope they do. They would be fust like me then by the way I am 8 in a half years old. I want new tennis shoes for Christmas and the brand adidas please black size 4 please and I also want an ipad. Do the reindeer like carrots? I hope they do. Merry Christmas I hope you have a safe flight and the reindeer too. I hape you do not get a stomach ache from al the cookies in one night. I also forgot to ask for new skates if you do not mind that. How are the elfs to are they doing good? I hope they are doing good. I hope I am not on the naughty list this year and Mrs. Dahl is a super great teacher I am learning a lot from her. She is super nice. Is my family on the nice list too? P.S. I am getting super good grades and also are all As. Love your friend, Tenley Marie Sandstrom

Dear Santa, how are you doing? How old are you Santa? Do you really live at the North Pole? For Christmas I would like a dirt bike, a kids snowmobile, 150 rubber Ducks and 100 remote control cars. I also want my grandpa to come visit from Oregon. I will leave some milk and cookies for you and carrots for the reindeer, Sincerely, Asa Butler

Mrs Byfuglien, Grade 3

Dear Santa, how are the reindeer? Are they in good shape? How about the sleigh, is the engine good? For Christmas I would want a RC car. Your friend, Noah Broten

Dear Santa, how are you? Are your reindeer ready? Is the weather cold? I am excited for Christmas. A few things I want are diary of a wimpy kid books, art kit, and crafts. Sincerely, Ledger Heppner

Dear Santa, how are you and the reindeer? For Christmas could I have new football gloves? Tell Rudolph and the others we will have food for them! Is the sleigh ready? I can’t wait for Christmas or believe it’s already here! Santa have a Merry Christmas! And the elves! Sincerely, Weston Sprabary

Dear Santa, how are the reindeer? How many toys do you make in a year? My favorite reindeer is Prancer. Now I want a toy crane that is remote control. A toy AC helicopter. Now a factory in lego set. Now an air plane that glows. My last question how many elves do you have? One more toy Police Officer. Sincerely, Embry Walsh

Dear Santa, How is Rudolph? Santa this year I would really like to have a Nintendo switch and a i-pad Pro. Thank you for the pokeman last year. Love, Tyler Bryan

Dear Santa, how are the reindeer? I want a PS4 for Christmas. What is the favorite food for the reindeer? I will leave cookies and milk for you. Love Chase Kasprowicz

Dear Santa, I want a mingnewcat and an Ipod. I hope the elves are having fun. I really want a dog please Santa. From Brody Wiskow

Dear Santa, how are the elves and reindeer? I am excited for Christmas and also I will give you yummy cookies and milk. Also is it very snowy out in the North Pole? And what I want for Christmas is an American Girl Doll and an elf on the shelf. I love Christmas so much. Your Friend, Bella Carlson

Dear Santa, how are the elves? Please don’t miss a child. Please give me a cotton candy machine, a Nintendo switch, GTA5 Game and fortinite on my table. I would also like a journal, a nerf gun, a army box, a Iphone 11,, a zip line, with a tree house, and a candy cane with skiters in it too. Thank you. Love Hunter Kingsley Bristow

Dear Santa, what do you do in the summer? How are the reindeer? How is Rudolph? Can I please have a big toy horse, and I will leave you some cookies and milk. How is the weather in the North Pole? And thank you for all the toys you will give me. Merry Christmas Santa. And a happy new year. Your friend Meri Erickson

Dear Santa, how is Blitzen? Is comet and Dasher your top best reindeer? Is Elliot the elf reporting back? I will leave out some milk and cookies This year I would really like a spider man infinity war lego set. Your friend, Wyatt Johnson

Dear Santa, how is the North Pole? I made cookies for you and I gave some to my teacher too. Santa please bring me a makeup pallet and I want more makeup to and that is what I want oh and I hope you have a great CHRISTMAS! Thank you for thinking of me! Love, Paisley Hanson

Dear Santa, Is it cold in the North Pole and are the reindeer feeling good? My favorite reindeer is Dasher. I really like Dog man books. Can you more please and an electric scooter please? And dominoes. Pick one because I don’t want to over work your elves especially Buddy the elf. Sincerely Connor McKee

Dear Santa, how are you and Mrs. Claus? Have my elves, Diddle and Fiddle, been reporting good to you? I hope the reindeer are doing well, too. For Christmas this year I would like acrylic paints, (Paper to go with it), pencils, (1B,2B,3B etc.) and some itunes gift cards. Hope you have a Merry Christmas, Rylee Hagen

Dear Santa, how are you, you’re wife, the reindeer and the elves? I remember when you sent me a letter and I might send you a letter this Christmas. I will always love Christmas and make you cookies and milk. Will you please bring me a Santa plushie, a Rudolph Plushie, and Link from the legend of Zelda. I’m really excited for Christmas and I hope you have a happy Christmas Love, Castiel Dollahan


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