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  • Write On: Brylie Petersburg - Wolf Ridge Reflection

    Jun 22, 2024

    by Brylie Petersburg 7th Grade English/Hr. 2 English Teacher, Grace Novacek Wolf Ridge Reflection As everybody piled onto the bus early that Monday morning, nobody knew what to expect when we arrived at Wolf Ridge and everybody was a little nervous. After the next five days nobody felt the same as when we had arrived and almost everybody was having a good time. Everyone learned something new and will always remember at least one thing from our trip. Wolf Ridge is something that everybody should experience and get to do. Out of all the...

  • Are you in a Thinking Trap? Part 1

    Julie Elick|Jun 22, 2024

    Are you conflicted? Thoughts are the things that we say to ourselves without speaking out loud (self-talk). We can have many thoughts every hour of the day. We all have our own way of thinking about things, and how we think has a big effect on how we feel. I saw the following questionnaire on line. I am going to use it as a launching off point for this column. If you have a notebook or journal, write out the following questions. When you notice yourself getting more anxious, that is the time to...

  • The "U-Turn" with a "Yes" instead of a "No"!

    Pastor Joe 1940-2021|Jun 22, 2024

    Numbers of times during my travels over the years I have come across signs which read: "No U-Turn". Sometimes these signs are accompanied by the words, "Emergency vehicles only." Now, one might ask, "Why would one want to make a U-Turn if they are already on their way to somewhere else?" Wellllll, maybe just because the sign says "No!" Perhaps they have left something undone like turning off the oven before leaving on a 3-week vacation. Maybe they forgot something. Like, when I was on a bus trip... Full story

  • Welcome to this week's headliners

    Jeff Olsen|Jun 22, 2024

    Never saw it coming. Last week, I easily could have done a piece on Father's Day and the fathers who make a difference. Take Roseau's Dave Hovda, a great guy who's always there for his kids, now all grown up and middle-aged. He's also a grandpa every grandkid should have, kind of like an old shoe that comfortable to be around. He's an old teddy bear with a great laugh and a heart of gold who taught his three children the important life lessons. They're all hardworking and productive citizens -... Full story

  • Gooseberry Falls 2021 and 2024

    Jodi Wojciechowski|Jun 22, 2024

    Tom Palen suggested we check out Gooseberry Falls since the recent rains had made it a sight to see! He was correct! We went and saw the falls in 2021 and it was DRY! We could walk everywhere. The water was barely trickling that year. This year it was fast and furious. The water was high and bubbling. In 2021 where we had walked was now underwater. Rhubarb Butter Ingredients 4 stalks of rhubarb (about 4 cups) 1 apple, cored and cut into chunks 1/2 cup honey 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1/4–1/2 t...

  • My Coffee Tastes Better

    Ryan Honl|Jun 22, 2024

    It's funny that the Democrats do everything in their power to chip away at the Second Amendment, but the hypocrisy on their part is what I would describe as "quite rich." Law abiding citizens have to give up their guns...except when it's President Biden's crackhead son who purchased a gun while addicted to a variety of illegal drugs and then lied about it on government forms. So of course yet again we get an example of Democrats wanting to let criminals go while law abiding citizens are...

  • The Top Shelf

    Tom Palen|Jun 22, 2024

    My dad was a tad over six feet tall, while Mom barely hit five feet. Most of my sisters have Mom's short gene, and none of the boys hit six feet, but in my family, the brothers are taller than my sisters. At 5' 8", I'm not really short, but I'm not tall either. I guess I'm just right. In our house, it was common to hear Mom ask, "Can you get that down for me?" She was referring to something too high to reach in a cabinet. The boys were always happy to help; the girls had the same issue Mom did....

  • Wolf Ridge Reflection

    Jun 15, 2024

    Students in Grace Novacek's class had the opportunity to work with hip hop artist and a spoken word poet. The residency was arranged with COMPAS and sponsored by the Roseau Parent Teacher Organization. by Delaynna Mortvedt "You are going to have the time of your life and you're never going to want to come home," assured my mom while we were packing. I thought she was overemphasizing every little detail. Little did I know, her presumption was in fact right. The trip has made many memories,...

  • The Master Potter

    Julie Elick|Jun 15, 2024

    Staff Writer, Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise A few miles north of Waco, Texas, on the east bank of the Brazos River, sits the Homestead Heritage, an agrarian Christian community committed to preserving 19th century craftsmanship. The community offers shops where visitors can observe "artistry-in-action" complete with a pottery barn, blacksmith forge, grist mill and a carpentry shop. George and Laura Bush commissioned the Homestead to construct and furnish their house at the Crawford Ranch....

  • God's "Lost and Found" Department

    Pastor Joe Elick 1040-2021|Jun 15, 2024

    What are your best hopes for someone who has a special place in your heart? Someone you think about a lot? That they might be happy? Certainly that would be the desire of all of us. But, life bears witness to the fact that we're not always going to be happy. We might be happy one day, and sad the next, or angry, or fearful. Happiness many times eludes us. Especially if we make happiness our goal in life. Perhaps there's something better than happiness to attach our "best hopes" list to. How abou...

  • What's the likelihood of this ever happening?

    Jeff Olsen|Jun 15, 2024

    Ain't life sweet! Just about everywhere in the news last weekend was a great human interest story. Various headlines mentioned 100-year-old World War II veteran Harold Terens and his sweetheart, Jeanne Swerlin. NPR ran with this headline: He helped bring back American POWs in Normandy. 80 years later, he got married there And this AP News headline: A World War II veteran just married his bride near Normandy D-Day beaches. He's 100, she's 96 They're a very attractive couple and not your typical...

  • The fun Continues...

    Jodi Wojciechowski|Jun 15, 2024

    We decided to check out Pedro's Grill and Cantina in Superior, Wis. It is family-owned and operated. Pedro's prepares authentic Mexican dishes. It was quite tasty and the margaritas were pretty good. It was a great place to eat and the staff was very friendly. I think Kyle and Bri would say the games were fun, too! Some Spotted Cow was purchased after we ate and I made a new friend. She was a blue and white pittie, who was super sweet! We went back to the hotel to have a few adult beverages and...

  • One Nation Above God?

    Ryan Honl|Jun 15, 2024

    According to the largest denomination within the Lutheran church in this country, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, it's sinful to call us a Christian nation and if we boldly proclaim that, it "overlaps with and provides cover for white supremacy and racial subjugation." That ever diminishing denomination within the Lutheran church that people have rightly fled from to other denominations that stick to the authority of Scripture issued a statement titled, "We Are Christians Against...

  • Doubting Thomas

    Tom Palen|Jun 15, 2024

    A school teacher, Carole Olsen, was in charge of religious education at Saint Mary’s church in Ottumwa. “You should be teaching a CCD class,” she told me. I was in my early twenties; I was not a teacher and knew nothing about teaching, so I told her no, but Carole didn’t give up. “You don’t need a degree in education to be a teacher,” she said. “A teacher is someone from whom others learn. A degree just lets you get paid for teaching in the public schools.” “I wouldn’t know how to go about...

  • Write On: Poem of Music by Brooke Broten

    Jun 8, 2024

    Students in Grace Novacek's class had the opportunity to work with hip hop artist and a spoken word poet. The residency was arranged with COMPAS and sponsored by the Roseau Parent Teacher Organization. by Brooke Broten Listening to my music, drowning out the noises, forgetting about what's in my head, and letting go of the voices, focusing out the overwhelming noises, just listening to my soft tunes of instruments playing so heavenly, they are drawn to my heart, I don't even know where to...

  • A Strong Sense of Season

    Julie Elick|Jun 8, 2024

    by: Ron Hutchcraft On the first warm day of spring I can remember my son saying, "Ready for a little baseball, Dad?" Well, 'twas the season, although that early in the season we usually ended up stuck in the mud somewhere between home plate and first base. Now, he didn't ask about playing baseball if it was fall or winter. Now, he always had a strong sense of season. By the same token, the first cool day of late summer, of course, that brought a predictable question, "Ready for a little...

  • Passed On, Picked Up, and Pursued!

    Pastor Joe Elick 1040-2021|Jun 8, 2024

    It has been said that the Christian Church is always only one generation from extinction. "Well," you say, "That's not true. The Church has been going on for two thousand years, and, as a matter of fact, ours is on the grow." True, but let us hear carefully on the intent of the speaker. The statement was made to make a point, and the point is this: The ongoing existence of the church is dependent upon People continuing to come to Christ, living for Him, and passing Him on to others. 2 Timothy...

  • Not just another week in our world

    Jeff Olsen|Jun 8, 2024

    My niece, Kier, emailed me on Sunday and was concerned with the most recent developments. "My, how heated things have become in the political world these past few days. The rhetoric is insane - day after day the same stuff." I can't dodge it in this mostly Republican county. They know where I stand. These are my friends and neighbors. This is Trump Country and I don't have a MAGA hat, a MAGA Bible, or a red tie to wear when I am invited to Mar-a-Lago. The trial lasted at least five weeks with da...

  • The fun Continues...

    Jodi Wojciechowski|Jun 8, 2024

    Lake Superior was now in our sights and so were the rocks! We stopped at Flood Bay, which is by the Agate Geological Marker, and our agate hunting started. It's so nice that the whole gang gets into rock hunting with me. We were laying down on the rocks looking for the "pretty" ones and seeing if we could spy an agate or two. We did find several small agates, so it was a win. There were other people there doing the same thing. Since we were beginners, Kyle went and asked them a few questions....

  • The Lack of Blindness in Our Injustice System

    Ryan Honl|Jun 8, 2024

    Joe Biden says we should respect the democrat prosecutors, democrat judge, and democrat jury in New York over Trump's conviction last week. According to Joe we're to celebrate the success of the democrat justice system in taking down his political opponent five months before the November election. Democrat judge Merchan conveniently set sentencing in July just 3 days before the republican national convention. The American people see it for what it is, just simply a democrat hit job, and a...

  • The Suit

    Tom Palen|Jun 8, 2024

    Back in my radio days, our station had the best DJ service around. We played all types of events: school dances, class reunions, company parties, birthday parties, and anniversaries. The most common gigs we played were wedding receptions. Before the wedding, I always met with the couple to discuss what songs they wanted played for special dances, such as the bride and groom, father and bride, and groom and his mother's dance, and maybe a few requests they would like played throughout the...

  • Write On by, Grace Novacek - Life's Too Short

    Jun 1, 2024

    Students in Grace Novacek's class had the opportunity to work with hip hop artist and a spoken word poet. The residency was arranged with COMPAS and sponsored by the Roseau Parent Teacher Organization. by Ella Ketring Life's too short And that's what scares me. In less than a year I will be getting my driver's license. Two years after that We will all be graduating. It's all going by in a blink of an eye. Life's too short And that's what scares me. I don't want to waste it But I just feel Like...

  • Footloose and Fancy Free

    Julie Elick|Jun 1, 2024

    If you're "footloose", the definition of footloose is that you have no responsibilities or attachments and you're free to roam. You can go where you want, and do as you please. You might even want to kick off your shoes and dance. If you are "fancy-free", the definition is that you are free to do what you like, and go where you like, because you have no responsibilities such as a family or a relationship. Well, thats almost me. Except I have a job, and a family. I don't always agree with the...

  • Kingdoms

    Pastor Joe Elick 1040-2021|Jun 1, 2024

    Do you like kingdoms? When I was a little kid some of my favorite stories were those that had to do with kings and castles and princes and princesses. Especially princesses in need of being rescued. And kissed! I liked kingdoms with dragons that needed to be hunted down, and engaged in a battle to the death in order to save the kingdom, and ally a princess whose hand, her dad, the king would give to any brave knight who rid the land of all resident reptiles with an attitude. I thought it would...

  • Some Special People In these Unordinary Times

    Jeff Olsen|Jun 1, 2024

    I remember the accident south of Wannaska on Highway 89 in July 1994 when Cody Warne's life forever changed in a car accident in which his dad, Scott, was killed and Cody became a quadriplegic unable to breathe on his own. Later, in January 1995, he was transferred from Gillette Children's Hospital in St. Paul to Roseau Area Hospital. That's when I met him at the hospital, and he definitely wasn't feeling sorry for himself. "Wanna play a game?" he said with a mischievous smile and then... Full story

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