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Write On: by Kara Ulvin, My Reading Journey

Essay by: Kara Ulvin Roseau Community School Mrs. Didrikson, College Prep English 11 When I was a child I felt like I had many opportunities for reading. We always had a bookshelf overflowing with...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    March 18, 2023

First thoughts and last thoughts

My first thoughts in the morning were "Attack! Panic! This is horrible! I will never go there again! And on and on it went, I felt miserable. On top of it all, because of a very frustrating evening, I...


What Is Heaven Like?

Why is this a most important question? First of all we need to make note of the fact that it is Jesus who is speaking. The One whom, as the apostle Paul writes, "has become for us wisdom from God..."... Full story

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    March 18, 2023

If you worried about spending your next dime, take heart

I'll say this. He's got a lot of nerve! Somehow, I got on James Jenson's email list a year or two ago. Initially, I couldn't place the bloke and thought, "Who is this bum?" I read that very first...


We have a visitor!

Guess who came to visit grandma! If you guessed Cynder, you are correct! Our vacation is nearing, so I thought Brandon should have a week of a dog free zone aka his apartment. We went and picked up... Full story

 By Tom Palen    Opinion    March 18, 2023

New Boots

I am often asked why I moved north in my fifties, a time in life when many people want to move south for the warmer climate. The answer is simple: I don't do so well with heat, especially combined... Full story


Write On: My Reading Rollercoaster by Titus Kvien

Essay by: Titus Kvien Roseau Community School Mrs. Didrikson, CIHS Prep-English I have never been much of a reader despite my mom's desire to share her passion for books. However, as a child I had... Full story

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    March 11, 2023

"I want to be just like you"

The story is told of a little girl who boarded a large jetliner, and settled into her seat on the right side of the plane near the center section. Soon, a generously proportioned man in his late...


It's Primary Objective

The American Dairy Association used to have an ad that said: "You never outgrow your need for milk." Not a bad slogan for the Bible. Maybe a motto for Sunday School should be "You never outgrow your... Full story

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    March 11, 2023

Old memories and wrapping up loose ends

It's been a long run, more than 35 years and at least several thousand interview subjects while writing features and this column. In many articles, I interviewed multiple sources. It was great fun unt...


Drawing and designing Tattoos

Brandon is finally back drawing and designing tattoos. I've always thought he needed to pursue a career that incorporates his talent with drawing. When he was a senior I suggested he should become a t... Full story

 By Tom Palen    Opinion    March 11, 2023

Firehouse Mutt's

I was nearly speechless after just one bite of the Brunswick Stew from the buffet. But let's be honest: I'm a radio guy; when was a radio guy ever kept speechless? "This soup did not come from a...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    March 4, 2023

My Reading Journey by: Lilly Olson

Lilly Olson  Mrs. Didrikson  College Prep English 11 15 January 2023 When you are young, the fear of being different from your peers is terrifying. Being a slow reader can be challenging for a young...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    March 4, 2023

A phone call with memories and a basket

I actually did it. My wastebasket at work was a mess. Chocolate coffee, address labels, and food. How did food get in there? I put instant oatmeal in my cobalt blue cup, microwave it up, and eat it....

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    March 4, 2023

Looking at life with a jaundiced eye

Beautiful! Every morning I leap out of bed, do my usual routine, which is thinking about exercising - 100 pushups, running in place, lifting some dumb bells - and then I immediately think, "What the...


The boys came in first place!

Kyle, Steve and Brian entered the Lumberjack Competition this past Saturday. It was quite the race! You have three people on your team and you are strapped together onto two 2x4's. You ski strapped...

 By Tom Palen    Opinion    March 4, 2023

The Far Side

I couldn't find the item I was looking for, so I asked for help, "Hi, can you tell me where you keep the…." John interrupted. "It's on the other side of the store," he answered monotonously. "How...


Write On: My Reading Journey by Faith Dunham

Essay by: Faith Dunham Roseau Community School Mrs. Didrikson, College Prep English Reading, the art of looking at words inscribed with ink on paper and imagining an escape created just from letters....


It's Right Around the Bend

It is a good thing to focus on what is up ahead, instead of always looking back. If you are a runner, you know that looking behind you will impact both your speed and time. It's there, I know it is,...

 By Tom Palen    Opinion    February 25, 2023

The Step Van

“You look a lot like your brother Newell,” she said. “Pardon me,” I asked. Aunt Di repeated, “You look a lot like your brother Newell.” She was looking at a photo my sister Theresa had...


It's quite easy to become instantly famous

Did I ever mention that I graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School, grew bored with performing heart transplants, became a barber before becoming an astronaut, then went to law...


Curious Minds Would Like to Know!

I have been getting questioned a lot about what happened with the situation with the post office. A little over a week ago, I was questioned for over an hour by a postal worker out of South Dakota on...


Life In The Vast Lane

When riding up an escalator at the Rainier Bank in Tacoma, Washington several years ago I overheard a short conversation between two young men riding on the down escalator. The conversation went... Full story


Write On: My Reading Story by Samuel Gross

Essay by: Samuel Gross Roseau Community School Mrs. Didrikson, College Writing My reading journey began in my grandparent's spare bedroom as my grandma read What Are You Doing In My Bed for the fifth...


Blessed by a Mop Handle

I woke up Monday morning with a crazy foot situation. My left ankle was swollen, so swollen I couldn't step on my foot, trying to walk on my toes was excruciating. I had a bandana near by, so I strapp... Full story


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