Write On " Artwork by Lillly Heinen


October 2, 2021

Art Work by: Lilly Heinen

Artwork by: Lilly Heinen 8th Grade

Roseau Community School

Art Teacher and Supervisor:

Mary Vatnsdal

I'd like to meet an alien.

Yeah, wouldn't that be neat?

I'm sure there's not another

creature I would rather meet.

I wouldn't care if he was big,

or medium, or tiny,

or if his skin was rough and tough,

or super smooth and shiny.

I'd like him if his head were bald

or covered up with hair.

I'd like him if his face were round,

triangular, or square.

He could be colored black and white,

or yellow, red, and green.

He might be awfully dirty

or meticulously clean.

I'd like him if he whispered


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