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1st Annual Max Multi-Species Fishing Derby Was Held At The N.W. Angle

by Laurel Latham

The 1st Annual Max Multi-Species Fishing Derby was held on Saturday, September 2nd and Sunday, September 3rd at the N.W. Angle. The event was held in memory of Max Marvin, a former guide at the N.W. Angle.

"I was at the Muskie Cup in Nestor Falls, Ontario when I first thought about holding a fishing derby at the N.W. Angle," explained Lisa Marvin. "Nestor Falls is a small, friendly community with the same vibes of the N.W. Angle.

"My brother, Max, had a real passion for Lake of the Woods and the N.W. Angle, where he had one year of guiding under his belt. I knew the Angle could use an event like a fishing derby after the slow down of COVID. Creating good memories in Max's name at the Angle is why I organized the 1st Annual Max Multi-Species Fishing Derby.

"Labor Day weekend is when the Buoy Bash is held annually at the Angle and that seemed like a great weekend to hold the fishing derby. Kind of a last hurrah for the summer. I wanted the derby to be unique and so that's why I chose a multi-species derby."

Lisa Marvin lives at the N.W. Angle, where she is in her second year as a fishing guide.

"I had to pass the Coast Guard test before I could be a fishing guide," said Lisa. "I grew up fishing with my dad and my brother. Every day is different working as a fishing guide and I enjoy that. Some days we will catch our limit by 9 a.m. Other days we are lucky to catch enough fish for a shore lunch."

When Lisa was asked if she has any secret fishing spots where she likes to take her clients, she had a great comeback.

"As a guide, I've found out fish like to swim," replied Lisa. "I've caught a lot of fish all over the lake. Cooler, overcast days seem to be good days to go fishing. That's when the fish are biting."

"It was hot the weekend of the fishing derby, around 90 degrees, but there were several big fish caught that weekend. It was a catch and release tournament, where video measurements were taken and submitted. We started the weekend at 7:30 a.m., with both the Canadian and American anthems. Then boats were sent out ten seconds apart and were told to be back at 5 p.m."

The fishing derby was limited to 30 boats. Anglers could only use artificial bait. Prizes were given for the biggest walleye and biggest muskie each day, with total inches of both days winning the cash prize. First prize was awarded to Jeff Andersen and his son, Gavin Andersen, who had a total of 142.5 inches for the weekend. Jeff and Gavin also took the biggest muskie prize with a 50" fish.

"Gavin and I shared a great memory fishing in the 1st Annual Max Fishing Derby," reported Jeff Andersen. "We enjoyed being part of a great community that came together to help support such a wonderful cause."

"Many of the local Angle residents entered the tournament and that made for an exciting, friendly competition," said Lisa Marvin. "All the support we received starting up the 1st Annual Max Multi-Species Fishing Derby was pretty cool!

"I want to say a big thank you to our little N.W. Angle community for jumping on board with the idea, to all the people that donated to the silent auction, who helped organize the derby and signed up to fish the derby. Max had a lot of friends at the Angle who miss him. What better way to honor Max's memory than with an annual fishing tournament."

"Also a special thank you to the guys that have shown me the ropes on the water," added Lisa. "I couldn't pull off the 'guide life' without you guys!"

Max Multi-Species

Fishing Derby Winners

First Place Team: Jeff (Jiggy) Andersen and Gavin Andersen

Second Place Team: Kale Alslebe and Tom Johnson

Third Place Team: Chris Fritch and Travis Palmquist

Biggest Musky 50 inches: Jeff (Jiggy) Andersen and Gavin Andersen

Biggest Walleye 25 inches: Megs Lenzen and Jordan Johnson

Biggest Northern 40 inches: Izzy Marvin and Brian Johnston


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