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Articles written by Pastor Joe Elick 1040-2021

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  • A Lesson on Expression

    Pastor Joe Elick 1040-2021|Jul 6, 2024

    Where there's life, there's expression. When expression ceases, the soul is balancing precariously on the rim of eternity, soon to fall into the Father's arms. The Bible teaches that the Master Model of Expression is God. J.B. Phillips translates John 1:1, "At the beginning God expressed himself." It is a statement that thunders into our imaginations, and makes us want to cover our ears and hide our eyes until the sound of it settles into the valleys of our mind. He did not express something,...

  • Straining Toward What Is Ahead, I Press On -"The "Now" Of The Christian Life

    Pastor Joe Elick 1040-2021|Jun 29, 2024

    Three Things! The first thing is "We are all in process". We haven't arrived. One of the hazards of life is knowing more about ourselves then we do about others. This is particularly hazardous for those of who are Christians because when we pick up the Bible we discover that when we accepted Jesus Christ into our lives, God has raised the "standard of living" for us. Jesus said, "if you love me, keep my commandments" (John 14:15). We have the tendency to believe that those we admire are doing be...

  • God's "Lost and Found" Department

    Pastor Joe Elick 1040-2021|Jun 15, 2024

    What are your best hopes for someone who has a special place in your heart? Someone you think about a lot? That they might be happy? Certainly that would be the desire of all of us. But, life bears witness to the fact that we're not always going to be happy. We might be happy one day, and sad the next, or angry, or fearful. Happiness many times eludes us. Especially if we make happiness our goal in life. Perhaps there's something better than happiness to attach our "best hopes" list to. How abou...

  • Passed On, Picked Up, and Pursued!

    Pastor Joe Elick 1040-2021|Jun 8, 2024

    It has been said that the Christian Church is always only one generation from extinction. "Well," you say, "That's not true. The Church has been going on for two thousand years, and, as a matter of fact, ours is on the grow." True, but let us hear carefully on the intent of the speaker. The statement was made to make a point, and the point is this: The ongoing existence of the church is dependent upon People continuing to come to Christ, living for Him, and passing Him on to others. 2 Timothy...

  • Kingdoms

    Pastor Joe Elick 1040-2021|Jun 1, 2024

    Do you like kingdoms? When I was a little kid some of my favorite stories were those that had to do with kings and castles and princes and princesses. Especially princesses in need of being rescued. And kissed! I liked kingdoms with dragons that needed to be hunted down, and engaged in a battle to the death in order to save the kingdom, and ally a princess whose hand, her dad, the king would give to any brave knight who rid the land of all resident reptiles with an attitude. I thought it would...

  • Revelation

    Pastor Joe Elick 1040-2021|May 25, 2024

    I received the Lord Jesus as my personal Savior on a Saturday night. I was non-religious, and totally ignorant of the Scriptures, becoming a Christian brought a major shift to how I viewed life. Something, or should I say "Someone," impacted my mind the next morning. As usual on Sunday, I slept late, then ate breakfast and read the Sunday funnies. I did not awaken on Sunday morning with an over-powering passion to attend church. About mid-morning, with the events of the previous night lingering...

  • Saying "I DO"!

    Pastor Joe Elick 1040-2021|May 18, 2024

    Back in the 70's a Christian group from Minneapolis, known as "The Gamble Folk," recorded an album which included a song with this line: "Anybody here want to live forever, say, "I do". (Saying, "I do" to Jesus). I'd like to have us think about this sentence for a few minutes. Let's open our Bibles to John 1:12. There are three things about this statement: 1. It's simplicity, 2. It's profoundness, 3. Its permanence. It's Simplicity We become a child of God by receiving Christ for who he is. Beco...

  • What Is The Problem?

    Pastor Joe Elick 1040-2021|May 4, 2024

    The man on a corner holding up a sign, "Jesus Saves". Is it embarrassing? Or should you pay attention? Those words have become a cliché. What does it mean to be saved? Do you know? Now don't be too quick to answer, for it may mean more than you think. It is important not to forge God's signature to our own ideas, so we'll look briefly at three things the Bible has to say about being saved. The Bible teaches that salvation has three aspects to it, and the three official theological, 12 foot...

  • There's Health in the Sun and in the Son

    Pastor Joe Elick 1040-2021|Apr 27, 2024

    Last Monday afternoon I went out to mow our lawn after feeling quite ill Sunday night and all of Monday morning. Finally I just felt the need to get out of bed and go outside into the warm sunshine. As I began to make my rounds in the backyard I thanked the Lord for the beautiful Spring day, and then concluded by saying, more to myself than to God, "There's health in the Sun" S-U-N. The thought brought me up short, rolled around in my imagination, and came out the second time, "There's health...

  • Getting Along

    Pastor Joe Elick 1040-2021|Apr 13, 2024

    Recently I have been reminded that the best health care plan is preventative health care: Living healthy, and when possible, knowing what to do when our health wavers. Now what is true for our bodies is equally true for our souls. Preventative soul care. Getting along! That's how I'd like to invite you to view this morning's message. Lest you think I'm aiming it at one of you specifically or someone you know. I'm not! If this nudge was on your behalf, that's between you and God. Getting along! P... Full story

  • Paying Attention!

    Pastor Joe Elick 1040-2021|Apr 6, 2024

    When I was a freshman at Bethel College I took biology my first semester. I had a wonderful professor, a Dr. Johnson, who saw the wonders of God in all of nature and did his best to awaken his students to the same enthusiasm he exhibited in class. Some times he succeeded, but many times we just sat there and looked at him. One day he gave each of us a fish to examine, and invited us to tell him how many things we noticed about our fish. I noticed 5 things, and was amazed that one of the...

  • The Right Track

    Pastor Joe Elick 1040-2021|Mar 30, 2024

    How can we know we're on the right track in life? Are we becoming all we can be, and whom should we allow to define the "can be?" Most folks are suspicious that there is a "right way to live, and even if they can't specifically define it, they know where they are on a scale. Life, in a quality sense of the word, can begin with Jesus at any point. Jesus said in John 14: 6, "I am the way and the truth and the life..." Now that's pretty all inclusive. It doesn't leave any room for alternate...

  • Memories and Heroes Last Forever

    Pastor Joe Elick 1040-2021|Mar 16, 2024

    "Memories and heroes last forever!" That's not a Bible verse so you don't have to accept it as the final word on the matter. It's a line out of a Country-Western song. A song with a particular memory and a particular hero in mind. We all have heroes who have impacted our lives in a positive direction. I would like to raise up three things for you to think about in relationship to heroes and heroines: 1. What is a hero? It's more heart than "hunk." It is more of character than curves. The...

  • When Don't We Get Into Trouble?

    Pastor Joe Elick 1040-2021|Mar 9, 2024

    Trouble, possibly terminal trouble, will happen to a life who is not lived towards God. "Is any one of you in trouble (afflicted)? He should pray Matthew 11:28,30. One of the nice things about this Scripture is that God draws a big circle around it. With the word trouble God allows us to fill in the blanks of our situation. Every trouble we experience is important to God. "Are any among you suffering?" The word addresses our inner response to the trouble we are experiencing. Life has got us...

  • A Scary Question

    Pastor Joe Elick 1040-2021|Mar 2, 2024

    What's scarier than meeting a big, black, Northern Minnesota bear while you're on a hike in the woods? Or your first day on your first job? How about coming across this verse which says "O Lord, you have searched me and know are familiar with all my ways...before a word is on my tongue you know it completely, O Lord." (Psalms 139) This sounds like God has more than a casual interest in us. Turning Psalm 139: 23, 24 into a question, then peeking through our fingers to see what happens,...

  • The "Jesus Prayer"

    Pastor Joe Elick 1040-2021|Feb 3, 2024

    "Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!" It was a simple prayer, a passionate prayer, a prayer not found in any of the prayer books the religious leaders of the day depended upon. It wasn't even found in the Psalms, the prayer and song book of the Jews. It was a prayer with the desperateness and urgency of one who is in danger and can only manage the word, "Help!" Or who finds themselves in a burning building, or house and creeds out the one word necessary at the moment "Fire!" The prayer...

  • The Gift Was Wrapped Just Right!

    Pastor Joe Elick 1040-2021|Dec 23, 2023

    I don't know about the rest of you men, but as for me, even after I've finished my Christmas shopping, the gift job is still only half done. I've still got the wrapping to do. This is where my major frustration starts: When I sit down at my desk, or at a table with several rolls of Christmas paper, a pair of scissors, a package of bows, and some scotch tape, I want things to come out just right. I have this mental picture of those receiving gifts from me being so overwhelmed by the wrapping job... Full story

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