Roger Hites Sr.


January 4, 2023

My father was paralyzed by tripping over a dolly that was hooked up to his Thunderbird in the beginning of September, he was flown to Grand Forks Airport and admitted and had emergency surgery.  That left him with 89% damage. My father could not lift the spoon of rice to his mouth or hold the phone to his mouth to talk even a little flip phone. When people are in distress they feel hopeless and are prone to be suicidal. I was on a ventilator for 38 days I had to learn how to walk and talk again I know how he felt. I pleaded with him to wait 2 weeks till I got there as I would help take care of him. My sister did show up and ran his caretaker off which is my stepmother, who was doing a fine job. I have a hard time swallowing that my father ended up dead 7 days later and showed up with a will that was supposed to have been destroyed 15 years ago. She is not doing something right. I'm not judging her but her actions speak louder than words so please read this police report and do your due diligence and ask yourself how, thank you. He stayed till end of September and discharged AMA by my sibling Janelle Dooley 7 days early, well I was cut off from communication before that, but especially now approximately 6 days went by and I got a call from my ex-stepmother. She informed me that my father had taken his own life and to get up to Roseau now. I arrived there on October 11th and was at the police station October 12th. I spoke with detective Jeff Nelson and the sheriff, they assured me, or informed me, that my father had taken his own life and it was ruled as a suicide under the evidence they have now. I asked him about a protocol that I know of when a death with a weapon occurs no parties are allowed to leave the state or county. I asked where my siblings Janelle and her husband Thomas Dooley were at during this incident. Naturally I was upset and I asked them to share in detail what happened. I asked right away where the incident report was, this was on the 12th of October, he told me it was not done yet. Then he went on to say that the gun that was used was sent to Minneapolis for forensics. I asked Mr Nelson and the sheriff where my sister and Mr. Dooley were. They informed me that they left. I found out they paid for the mortuary with a starter check which raised the red flag and they took off to my father's cabin in my father's brand new truck 4 and 1/2 hours after this incident happened. I really couldn't make sense of that right away. Really I find it odd that somebody would leave 4 hours after their own father  committed suicide "allegedly". First and largest mistake a police department makes is not treating the suicide as a homicide until a full investigation is done. I did ask detective Nelson how could he perform a full murder investigation in a couple of hours. Impossible. Detective Nelson and the sheriff did drop the ball in this investigation. There is no doubt this is a clear case of negligence on the police department not keeping my sister present and not following up on blatantly obvious leads and facts. As many people pass in Roseau County, he should know better. Well, I guess this doesn't apply to Mr Nelson. I would like to make public the police report made by the Roseau Police Department because it is not in the best interest of my father letting my sibling go. I asked over a dozen times for the incident report and detective Nelson straight up lied to me. It has been done since the 9th of October. I was there on the 12th. Detective Nelson told me it was ruled a suicide but this case was still open, that was a straight-up lie too. I don't understand how he could lie about an incident that happened  in Roseau County. I sent a full police report below for the residents of this county to know and realize how negligent their Police Department is and I am going to hold them personally responsible for their negligence ...

Roger Hites Jr.


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