Good vs. Evil


December 9, 2023

The 2023 deer rifle season is now just a memory. Actually many very good memories. One of this retired old farmers hobbies just happens to be working on food plots, lots of food plots. This years were some of the best ever. All of God’s creatures will have enough food to get through the winter. Feeding many so a few can feed us is a good plan. What is sad is that the price of fur has fallen through the floor. Even the best trapper has no chance of even paying for their gas. Trail cam pictures confirm there is no shortage of predators. Canada calls their natural resources renewable resources. Timberwolves are case in point. North eastern Minnesota has experienced about a ninety percent reduction in their deer herd since 2012. The wolf hunters blame it all on the wolves. The wolf lovers blame it on a few very tough winters. Very little research is needed to prove that the tougher the winter the better the predators fare. When deer are forced to yard up because of deep snow the combination of their weakened condition, accessability, and nowhere to run nowhere to hide can be the recipe for disaster. There are old stories of Native Americans on snowshoes running down and clubbing whole herds to death under such conditions. Wolves are much stronger and faster than any human on snowshoes and also have no qualms about killing for the fun of it. Not having a wolf season to control their numbers is detrimental to any animal they can catch and eventually to the wolves themselves. Waste not want not. Having no wolf season is a terrible waste of a very renewable resource.

On a different subject, it is said that Canada’s gun laws are the canary in the coal mine for our gun laws. Canada just passed a law making it illegal to buy, sell, or transfer ownership of any handgun. Our present administration would love nothing more than to pass such a law here. Our Constitution with all its amendments is hated and despised by way too many in our government. The snakes have crawled out from under their rocks, been identified, and need to be dealt with and sent home or to prison in 2024. Paper ballots, voter ID, and election day not election month should take care of the problem. Anyone that is at all aware of their surroundings is now aware that their surroundings are not nearly as safe as they were three years ago. Catch and release is for fish, not criminals! That and making the one that is forced to defend themselves the bad person is ruining our world and especially our country. If our leaders don’t make a complete one eighty soon our world as we know it is doomed.

Sheldon Larson

P.S. I am not particularly fond of people who fly in private jets to a meeting where they discuss how to take away my car and feed me bugs. Those people on average use more energy than a thousand “normal” households. Hypocrites!

P.S.S. Now the Biden administration is threatening to take away federal lunch money from schools that don’t support LGBTQ. Let our children be children! They will have enough drama to deal with as adults.

P.S.S.S. After doing some research on bitcoin this old farmer learned two things. 1. It is way over my head and 2. Comparing bitcoin to gold is like comparing lightning to a lightning bug.

P.S.S.S.S.The countdown is on for the biggest most important birthday our world has ever known. Keep Christ in Christmas!


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