Write On: Daycare Memories by, Samuel Gross


Essay by: Samuel Gross

Roseau Community School

Mrs. Didrikson, College Writing

I have four very memorable moments in Katie Gunderson's Daycare. The only people I remember that were there with me were Tucker Howe, Gavin Gunderson, Ayden Severson, Tanner George, and Teagan LaPlante. All of these people were older than me except for Tucker. 

It was a rainy summer day. We were all inside, I ate Cheerios for breakfast and lots of Animal Crackers. My favorite was the camels, and don't ask for I have no recollection why. I remember going into the big kid area, and Gavin invited me to watch a scary movie. I looked up to him as a small child so of course I immediately said yes. I don't remember the name of the film all I know is we went into a large closet and turned the lights off to watch the movie. It was very scary. 

The second memory is from when I was a little younger. I got home from Pre-School and I saw Aiden, Teagan, and Tanner on the big tree in the backyard. At the time I had not realized that Kindergarten Graduation had just occurred hours before. They were singing a song, the ABC, One Two Three Kindergarten graduation song, I don't remember the name or any other words. 

A while later it was winter, and we must have missed baseball because we were playing baseball with a deer leg and snowballs. I remember getting hit in the head by the leg, swung by Tucker, and getting a hole in my forehead. I still have a scar today. I recently found out it wasn't a hole, but a patch of skin torn off. I had overreacted so much that until a few weeks ago, I thought there was once a hole in my head. 

The earliest memory I have at daycare started off badly, I had to use the restroom terribly. I was running up the stairs and I didn't quite make it. I peed in my favorite blue jeans. I didn't want anyone to find out so I laid with my legs under the couch so no one would see. Mrs. Gunderson eventually found out and I had to borrow Gavin's Hulk Underwear. I don't think they ever made it back to him. It is something I still laugh about today.


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