Write On: Poems By Grace


October 20, 2023

Poetry by: Grace Arnesen

Roseau Community School

Mrs. Olsen’s Sophomore English

The airport

I love the airport,

All of the busy people buzzing around.

I hate the airport

And all of the busy people and their sound

The smell of the food

And the fresh coffee that brews

The smell of the food

that consumes the whole room

People settled down

All happy and filled with excite

Oh how anxious I am

And overtaken with fright

Its time to board

I can hardly wait

Its time to leave

For this landing I can’t wait

The window to see all that we past

And the place that I'm leaving filled with memories that last

The window to look at the thousands of feet

Thankful I’m leaving and for this time will be my last

I love the airport and I can’t wait to leave again

I hate the airport and will never be leaving again.


They fill your head throughout the days

Your childhood best friend and all the times you've played

The smell of your mom’s food on a cold winter's night

Or Christmas times filled with all of the fancy lights

The summers of endless sun and the long days of fun

Or the cold rainy nights with thunder and fright

The sweet smell of the grass and the noise all around

The bright blue sky with the bright yellow sun

As the clouds dance around as it slowly turns night

The pink and purple sunsets when the day is all done

Your friends of the past whose lives have moved on

The times at the lake which were your whole world

The fresh breeze of the water drifting your way

When you're on the beach reminiscing as you lay


The sweet fresh fragrance as the storm finally passes


The sound of the heavy drops hitting your window


The birds coming out to play in the puddles while you wait for it to dry


The rainbows appearing across the way


The dark skies turning light blue as the clouds run away


The sky dancing each day as the clouds and the colors change

No sunset or cloud every the same

The seasons coming and going each year as they slowly fade into one another

Year to year everything changing but all the same

Going, going.. Ground

The sounds of the bright sun colored cars speeding around and the others just trying to get to work

The honking, tires screeching, engines revving as cars speed around, exhaust everywhere you turn

People all over, casual conversations to the casual walks on the busy streets as they throw the trash by their feel and move on

The bright lights going green, yellow, red, and then back again, the lights contaminate and overtake everything.

The sounds of the birds flying in the vibrant orange and yellow leaves

The smell of fall is all around

It consumes you and all you do

As you crush the leaves you walk on below

So careful not to disrupt the beauty and nature that surrounds you

The slight breeze comes and you stand there to watch more golden yellow leaves

Going, going.. Ground

Its the Fair

The smell of donuts and fries in the air

The food and lemonade everywhere you turn

Its the fair.

The sounds of the creaky rides and the worn out stands

Its the fair

People and kids running everywhere for the few days that summer is the best

Its the fair

The top of the ferris wheel looking down at all the bright lights as summer comes to an end

Its the fair


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