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From the Trails to the Rink Polaris Builds on Teamwork

On Friday, March 27, MN WILD partnered with Polaris to provide employees and their families with a memorable experience on ice.

  The Polaris Piston Cup has been a tradition for many years uniting Polaris employees from several site locations to participate in a family skate session and two friendly competitive hockey games.

  In total, 55 hockey players were split into four separate teams based on skills. Teams included employees from Minnesota locations in Medina, Wyoming, and Roseau. Out of the 55 hockey players, twelve were Polaris Roseau employees and three were Roseau youth hockey players.

  "It's great to work for a company that pushes employees to think outside the box. Throughout my time at Polaris, I've been able to experience several events with my family that has created impeccable memories. I am excited to see what is going to happen for the 70th Anniversary," said Keith Severson, Program Leader.

  We strive to provide new experiences for our employees and their families. The strong partnership Polaris has with the MN WILD allows for continual investment in our employees and their families.

  From the trails to the rink, Polaris will always strive to THINKOUTSIDE.


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