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Wear a mask! It is that simple!

I have been thinking about whether or not to wear a mask for the last couple months. I see posts on Facebook where many people complain how masks can cause long term health problems and cite no scientific evidence. I believe too many people piss and moan, repeating the same old rhetoric. For the whiners and complainers, prove you have answers, throw your hat in the ring, run for office. Show us you are responsible and have actions worth implementing. Could it be that you are afraid to run for office and find out what responsibility is everyone’s well-being and not one certain group?

When it comes down to it, what will you do besides complain on social media? Wearing a mask solves many health issues. To prove my point, my wife was deployed from April until June into the heart of COVID-19 country, the Bronx in New York City. 85 soldiers were deployed in that area with her. All 85 came home safe from working in the hot zone. They all wore masks. It is that simple. Masks work to help slow or stop the spread. Make your excuse but remember it is an excuse, not a fact. Wear a mask! It is that simple!

Carter J. Novacek


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