By Ryan Honl 

I'm not Minnesota Nice


April 27, 2024

Mary the Dirty DA

Some have said that if you have no opinions or enemies, you've made no positive impact on the world. I'd take that to the bank personally. I catch hell from both sides of the political spectrum. I had a couple die hard conservatives give me grief at the Legion for saying I want Jeff to do my eulogy if I go before him which is likely since I get no exercise and he's a Beltrami forest lumberjack building all that prepper stuff at his homestead.

I stand by my statement. I like Jeff. He's obviously wrong on everything political with his over-the-top liberal views, but I respect the man in a real First Amendment way. Why you ask? Neither of us is Minnesota Nice. I saw Jeff at the VFW a short while after moving back here and told him he's been my favorite Democrat all these years reading the paper. He immediately came back at me and said, "Oh yeah, I don't like any Republicans." Obviously that includes me and I appreciate his honesty.

I came back to Roseau with the mistaken belief I could bring some New York and Chicago with me, middle fingers and all, but it didn't work out so well. Everyone is so nice here. Even the people that don't like you smile and say, "You betcha! See you later!" Sometimes every once in a while I'd like to hear someone say, "Why did you come back here. Go away. Plus I don't like what you write in the paper." It would be refreshing. Saying something like that around here is usually reserved for when you're no longer in the room. Someone please toss a middle finger at me. Can you imagine that? Driving down Center Street getting the finger. I'd say, "Thank you. May I have another." I can't stand passive aggressive people. That's really what a lot of the Minnesota Nice is: a constant smile even when the knives are out.

Well, the Twin Cities flushed its toilet in Minneapolis and as usual the turd landed like a hot mess on the rest of Minnesota that generally respects law enforcement. The Hennepin County District Attorney Mary Moriarty is an especially victimized liberal who came out as "queer" when she was losing the race for DA and then suddenly beat the other liberal by 10 percent when she took on the "I'm a victim of prejudice too" medal. Of course she's a Democrat and in the spirit of George Floyd she's found a target in Trooper Ryan Londregan who shot a wanted criminal when he sped off with his fellow Trooper struck and dragged by that criminal's car. Even with the State Police trainers saying he was justified because cars are in fact considered dangerous weapons when the life of a Trooper is at stake, Mary decided to charge him with 2nd degree murder. Fortunately at least the criminal named Ricky Cobb was permanently taken off the streets but at the cost of losing another one of our finest to the Democrat Justice System.

That whole situation doesn't sit too well with our local Congresswoman Michelle Fischbach. She sent a letter to the rest of Congress asking for an investigation of Mary the Dirty DA. Whether or not that will happen who knows but it's yet another reason to reelect Fischbach. She doesn't like criminals who try to kill law enforcement which you would think in normal times would be something to agree about and not necessary to add to a campaign debate. But here we are; the Minnesota Democrat "Farmer Laborer" Party campaigning on shutting down police departments and jailing those who do their jobs protecting the rest of us. Me personally, I'd be pretty appreciative of someone shooting a person that hit me with their car and dragged me down the highway. But Democrats already don't like me so they'd most likely cheer anyway while letting the criminal off the hook.

Another Democrat dirty toilet slapped a turd on the entire nation in Dearborn, Michigan. That's where the most Muslims reside in this country. A Muslim American named Tarek Bazzi gave a speech to the good people of Dearborn on April 5 during the Muslim holiday Ramadan and said, "We live in one of the rottenest countries that has ever existed on the earth. Such a country does not have the right to exist." The crowd of locals chanted back "Death to America" while praising Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini. And these are the same people Dementia Joe Biden is pandering for votes, making several trips to Michigan to shore up their support. He's having a rough time of it though. The far left of the Democrat Party is now calling him Genocide Joe over not going far enough to abandon Israel. At a time when Iran just launched 300 drones and missiles into Israel last week, Old Joe told Israel not to respond. Somehow I get the feeling that if Mexico fired 300 missiles into the U.S. we'd probably not just sit around and let it happen. But when you think about it the Democrats are sending millions of illegal aliens across the Mexican border right now so we're already being attacked and doing nothing. But Joe desperately needs the votes of the radical left so he's clueless and has no idea what to do. The right thing would probably be the best thing to do, but the Democrat train of doing anything right left the station a long time ago.

Speaking of Michelle Fischbach, I wasn't sure if she was another lukewarm Republican without any courage, but I've been thankfully reassured she is not. She was one of 112 brave Republicans to vote against sending another $61 billion last weekend to defend the borders of Ukraine and not a single dollar to defending our borders. Those other 100+ Republicans are cowards selling out America. While Congress worked overtime during a weekend for a foreign country, Congresswoman Fischbach has proven she isn't one of those cowards and we're a fortunate district to have her representing us. A vote for her is a vote for America and not the crooks that fall all over themselves selling us out or the criminals the Democrats let off the hook while they jail the very law enforcement that protects us. Get out and vote because the woke lunatics will be.


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