What Goes Around WILL Come Around


Ron Desantis, governor of Florida, maybe said it best. I wish Joe Biden a speedy recovery from Covid 19. I also wish the United States of America a speedy recovery from Joe Biden. Why are so many that hate this country so much still here? No one, no matter how stupid or senile, whichever shoe fits, could mess up our country so bad so fast by accident. Anything and everything those presently in charge touch turns into used food. Let’s go Brandon! After being asked if open-minded enough to watch the January six committee hearings a little research was in order. No one that does not hate Donald J. Trump is even allowed to be there. Third hand information not allowed in any other court in the land is just fine. There is no cross examination of any witness and no rebuttal allowed. There are no witnesses not approved by Nancy Pelosi allowed. So exactly what are those whiney republicans complaining about? Are there any democrats out there open-minded enough to watch a Trump rally?

Turnabout is fair play. Meanwhile the black security guard that murdered unarmed military veteran Ashli Babbit, is being touted by the dems as a hero. The loser that unsuccessfully tried to slash gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldon’s throat did not spend that night in jail. New York City’s crime rate is up a whopping thirty-eight percent in one year. When children are allowed to grow up with no rules and no boundaries how can there not be crime in the streets. The Dems are proving almost daily to be the party of the criminal, by the criminal, and for the criminal. If a party murders the most innocent among us by the millions with total disregard what are they capable of doing to anyone that dares to disagree with them? They accuse Trump of trying to pull off a coup Jan 6.

Meanwhile, they pulled off what is undoubtedly the biggest coup the world has ever known. Mike Pence could have sent the electoral votes back to the states for a recount. Instead he stabbed the Donald and the republican party in the back. It could and would have put an end to the talk about cheating once and for all. Maybe even more importantly Jan 6 would have never happened. Meanwhile, those terrible insurrectionists are still in prison. Most are in solitary confinement, most likely so their stories can’t be heard. The Dems constantly prove that they are in complete disdain and disregard of our Constitution. It is still a wonderment to many how people can go to church on Sunday and vote to murder babies on Tuesday. Maybe if there were pictures of the remains from from a partial birth abortion in the polling places there would be a different result. Just because you don’t have to wash the blood off your hands, don’t think for a second it is not there. Now our country is about to kick forty thousand out of the National Guard because they refuse the jab. What happened to “My body, My choice?”

Speaking of the Guard, why didn’t Nancy Pelosi accept the ten thousand that Trump offered? Better yet why has there never been a mention of it on the fake news? Obama weaponized the Department of Justice, the CIA, and the FBI against any and all political opponents. Totally illegal and unconstitutional then and they are still doing it. If we the people don’t elect good people in November, our country as we know it or maybe as we knew it will be gone forever. The swamp creatures have gotten brazen enough to show themselves. We now know who a lot of them are. If we don't vote accordingly there will be no one to blame but ourselves, like the Merle Haggard song. If we make it through December everything is gonna be alright. We can only hope and pray.

Sheldon Larson

P.S. Are those little kids that were swearing at and kicking at the police in Minneapolis decedents of George Floyd? They show the attitude that will make it all the cop’s fault when they get shot one day. Good job parents or most likely parent. Teach your children well.

P.S.S. Sixty-five shot, five killed in Chicago last weekend. Where is the outrage? Just another weekend in almost any lawless liberal city.

P.S.S.S. Texas has now legalized assisted suicide. Just walk into any redneck bar wearing a Biden Tee-shirt.


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