By Ryan Honl 

Lots of Mud Mayhem at Power Sports Park


Muddy John Bernett

by Ryan Honl

Mud Mayhem lived up to its advertising on Saturday with lots of natural mud and even some mud made by the Roseau Fire Department.

Workers from Polaris and the city were working overtime in May to get the course ready. Hundreds of volunteer hours were put into the Roseau Power Sports Park in preparation.

A fun time was had by all whether you wanted to take the "chicken" course or tackle the really difficult jumps, mud, logs, and areas with really big rocks. There was something for every skill level.

And there were even ladies with dresses going through the course. Brandi Rauser came with some of her friends. "Princesses have to ride too! It's something fun to do with the girls," she said. "It's totally worth it."

A very muddy John Bernett came with his 2021 Polaris XP 1000. "It's one of the best purchases I've made," he said. "I can remove the seats and spray down everything inside and out. Everything is waterproof."

John said, "I work at Polaris as a forklift driver. What Polaris has going on right now with all the community help and all the activities that we get involved in like this, I wish I had found this job 20 years ago. You have to like what you do."

The person leading the event was Keith Severson, who is originally from Roseau and is working at Polaris as a Program Leader who works on new vehicles. He was really excited that all the hard effort paid off. It's the 2nd annual event of Mud Mayhem.

"Today is a celebration to recognize all the hard work," Keith said. "We are really hoping that the community comes out here and uses it to enjoy power sports. Polaris is home to so many power sports innovations that we should have a place like this. This is a city park like any other park. Anyone can use it at any time. Most communities don't have something like this. Coming after this event we're going to be starting a dedicated motocross track for dirt bikers. In the fall we'll start getting ready for snowmobiling on the course. It's four seasons. It's a great place out here."

There's also a free power sports club that anyone can join. It's a community group that's very dedicated to the park in the northeast part of Roseau and a great way to connect with fellow riders. You can contact them to join at their Facebook page called Roseau Powersports Club.


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