Write On: Poems by Ginther


September 2, 2023

Poems by: Cade Ginther

Roseau Community School

Mrs. Olsen’s Sophomore English


Fishing is when I feel most


Fishing is when I'm with friends

Fishing s when I'm happy

fishing is when I'm home

Fishing is like Christmas morning

The Rock

“You’re my rock,” you told me

The rock you held onto when you feared drowning

But where are you now?

The rock, forgotten

The City

Taxis are cruising by

People were yelling and screaming

Smells of the sewer smothering your nose

White people everywhere


It is the time of Autumn

Red, orange, yellow, are spread evenly throughout the forest

The crunch of your feet as you walk

The smell of an early winter coming

Fair Time

Walking down the colorful aisle

The smell of mini donuts

and popcorn

The spinning rides

And the friendly Mexicans

Country Cabin

The good old back country cabin

No one is within miles

The hunt for the big grizzly bear

Just you God and His creation


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