Something is tragically missing here


October 7, 2023

Joseph Maxwell Cleland (August 24, 1942 – November 9, 2021) was an American politician from Georgia. A member of the Democratic Party, he was a disabled U.S. Army veteran of the Vietnam War, a recipient of the Silver Star and the Bronze Star for valorous actions in combat, as well as a United States Senator (1997–2003)

I actually feel sorry for Donald J. Trump. There's a piece missing in his heartstrings.

There's seldom a benevolence in his actions, words, or thoughts.

It's always about money, power, prestige.

That's why I feel sorry for Trump, who seemingly never learned to feel or show empathy.

It's only about him.

Maybe he would have been a better human being if he had actually served in the military.

He got out of it with a 4-F classification because of bogus bone spurs.

Just think if he had served.

What an education.

Here would be a rich kid having to clean the latrine, polish his boots, do KP, pull gua...

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