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 By Jeff Olsen    News    August 17, 2019 

It's not always a walk in the park at Relay for Life

They came in all persuasions - the stubborn, the lucky, the determined, the rebounding, the appreciative, and the caregivers - at the 23rd Annual Relay for Life at Riverview Park in Roseau last...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    August 17, 2019 

Streiff's swindler pleads guilty to felony theft

On Monday, Jennifer Slukynsky, a former employee of Streiff Sporting Goods west of Warroad, appeared in front of Judge Donna Dixon and pled guilty in Courtroom One at the Roseau County Courthouse to...

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    August 17, 2019 

What I know about life then and now

When I was a kid starting first grade in 1950 at age 6, we had to worry about polio, putting our lips on the drinking fountain, not picking our nose, and losing our pencil. Yeah, a pencil. You...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    August 17, 2019 

From the Slukas, a love to be cherished

You don't fool the kids. The Slukas had five children: Shelly Rae (deceased), Ronald aka "Ronnie," Mary Lou, Paula Rae, and Karen Lyn. They knew it was a good deal growing up in a happy marriage....

 By Jeff Olsen    News    August 12, 2019

At 65, Polaris is more than a job - it's family!

Locally, it's almost impossible not to discover at least one relative in the family tree who hasn't worked at the Polaris plant in Roseau over the past 65 years. Take the Przekwas branch. The late... Full story

 By Jeff Olsen    News    August 9, 2019

Daniel Staskivige is Arrested for Felony Assault

by Jeff Olsen On Wednesday, Daniel Alexander Staskivige, 29, and a resident of rural Wannaska, was arrested by the Warroad Police Department on a warrant and was subsequently booked into the Roseau... Full story

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    August 9, 2019

Who pulled the trigger and am I losing it?

Fear sells. For the last three years, Donald Trump, our beloved president by almost 45 percent of the country, has been scaring the daylights out of this nation with fears of Muslims, Mexicans,... Full story

 By Jeff Olsen    News    July 27, 2019

Lou Gehrig would tip his hat to these fine teams

Lou Gehrig, the great Yankee first baseman who died from ALS in his prime at age 37 in 1941, would have enjoyed the outpouring of love and undeniable spunk at the Roseau High School outdoor track on...

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    July 27, 2019

This is one unusual 13-minute taped interview

Always, there are characters who come dancing across the page with a smile and a youthful "aw shucks," and one of them is Steve Wenner, who showed up in the boonies knocking on my door on Sunday...

 By Jeff Olsen    Sports    July 27, 2019

All-American Greco Man Mooney Is Making Waves

by Jeff Olsen On July 18-19, Chandler Mooney, a 2019 RHS graduate, competed at the Junior Nationals in Fargo wrestling in both freestyle and Greco Roman. In the earlier freestyle competition,...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    July 20, 2019

In the money at Streiff's Big Fishing Tournament

Go with the winners, especially the ones who are likable characters. Last Saturday on Lake of the Woods, it was the annual Streiff Sporting Goods Fishing Tournament, which is like the Masters Golf...

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    July 20, 2019

Announcing the Invitees to the Mosquito Open

Give me lots of rain, Lord, so we can do things proper and make everybody miserable when I host Bro's Mosquito Open with a various cast of rogues, scamps, suckers, carpetbaggers, scalawags,...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    July 20, 2019

Roseau High School Trap Team Wins National Championship

Impressive! Last week in Mason, Michigan, with 25 states entered in the competition, the Roseau Trap Team won the USA High School Clay Target League National Championship during the five-day event fro...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    July 13, 2019

Streiff's Swindling Saleslady to appear in court in August

An omnibus hearing that had been scheduled this past Monday at 1 p.m. at the Roseau County Courthouse has now been rescheduled for a plea hearing on Monday, August 12, at 10 a.m. In the State of... Full story

 By Jeff Olsen    News    July 13, 2019

Warroad's Allison Park Is A Lasting Tribute

On a very special Wednesday afternoon on July 3, the late Allison Marvin, an extraordinary young woman who died way too young on August 28, 1992, was remembered fondly during the dedication of... Full story

 By Jeff Olsen    News    July 13, 2019

Bethesda Celebrates Its Centennial Next Saturday

Step inside Bethesda Lutheran Church in Skime, and it's a reflection of small town America with good neighbors, good intentions and occasionally scratching by with the grace of God. They have seen... Full story

 By Jeff Olsen    News    July 13, 2019

Meth selling grandma gets a stay

A Goodridge woman was sentenced Monday, July 1 in Pennington County District Court for a felony drug offense. Kristi Arlene Anderson, 60, was sentenced for a felony charge of second degree controlled... Full story

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    July 13, 2019

Catching up with the good guys

Mike Wilebski, who lives up in Soldotna, Alaska, where the moose have the right of way on the crosswalks in the city of 4,659, sounded pretty chipper last Saturday when I called around 11 a.m. our... Full story

 By Jeff Olsen    News    July 3, 2019

The Pest Control Guy will make them disappear

by Jeff Olsen Forget the old saying that "the worms crawl in and the worms crawl out." It's the ants crawling in and they won't be crawling out because they're ants. Then there are the spiders and,...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    June 29, 2019

They're walking works of fascinating skin art

by Jeff Olsen Forever, tattoos were the persona of sailors, soldiers and criminals - a rogues' art gallery of sailing ships, naked ladies, eagles, skulls, serpents, stilettos, and "Born to Raise Hell"...

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    June 29, 2019

A different take on celebrating the Fourth

If only I had the money and the time, I'd book a Red Eye Flight next Wednesday to Washington, D.C., for the biggest Fourth of July bash in American history. I prefer to remember less gaudy displays...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    June 22, 2019

The Legendary Al Buffum Was a True Character

Eldridge "Al" Buffum, 68, a delightful personality who did it his way as an East Coast lawman, local columnist, colorful character, talented raconteur and burly bear of a man, died on Wednesday, June... Full story

 By Jeff Olsen    News    June 22, 2019

Meet the Renaissance Man of Pencer

Forget all those fancy places where the yards look manicured, nothing is out of place, and you're afraid to pee on a tree. Here's a nice contrast. Nothing beats hanging around an old sawmill with...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    June 15, 2019

CBP say 'NO!' to Roseau port operating hours increase

Let's cut to the chase. You can go to Washington D.C., fervently plead your case on why the Roseau and Lancaster ports of entry deserve to have their hours returned to their previous schedule, and... Full story

 By Jeff Olsen    News    June 15, 2019

Born to ride wins the prize

At the Maplewood West Endurance Ride at Maplewood State Park in Pelican Rapids on Saturday, June 1, Malung's Jackie Erickson, 55, a bit of an Annie Oakley on horseback, had her finest day. "I was so e... Full story


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