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 By Jeff Olsen    News    September 23, 2023 

At 105, Bea is a most remarkable centenarian

by Jeff Olsen Credit part of her longevity to her love of lutefisk. Beatrice "Bea" Olson celebrated her 105th birthday earlier this week at LifeCare Roseau Manor. "Mom taught in Mable Lake, Kimball...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    September 23, 2023 

Reflections from the 38th Annual Firefighters BBQ

by Jeff Olsen Right away, two young sisters stood shyly at the coffee and lemonade table inside the Roseau Fire Hall. The coffee was probably no longer hot. There were a dozen or more Styrofoam cups...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    September 23, 2023 

Former police chief is being properly retrained

by Jeff Olsen Ward Anderson, the long-time Roseau Police Chief, retired last year. He wasn't that old at age 54. Since then, he's frequently been on diaper duty, which can be as challenging as... Full story

 By Jeff Olsen    News    September 23, 2023 

With the little redhead on a roll in SuperOne

by Jeff Olsen Here he came on Saturday afternoon, riding on the back of a shopping cart, a red-headed kid all of three-years-old for three more days grinning like he was at a carnival. His name is...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    September 16, 2023

Roseau Area Food Shelf is looking Really Spiffy

by Jeff Olsen Recent renovations at the Roseau Area Food Shelf in the former Roseau County Law Enforcement Center is comparable to upgrading a White Castle hamburger joint into an Applebee's. In...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    September 16, 2023

Impressive young lass shows redoubtable class

by Jeff Olsen Her nickname is Maddy, her full name is Madison, she is 14, and she comes at life with impressive attributes of grit and charm. Only a ninth grader, she is facing a huge hiccup in all...


You just have to live right to find fun in life

Beautiful! Every day, life is full of characters and immediately I thought of Dan Urness, a chap who puts a smile on life. We hadn't talked in a while. He is the Roseau High School Guidance... Full story

 By Jeff Olsen    News    September 9, 2023

Roseau School Celebrates A New Era

by Jeff Olsen If they were christening a battleship, a notable person would have broken a bottle of good champagne across the bow. But this is the new and improved version of the Roseau School. So...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    September 9, 2023

Roseau's social event of the season is on 9/16

by Jeff Olsen From 5 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, September 16, the Roseau Volunteer Firefighters will host their annual public banquet. Ever see a scrawny or emaciated firefighter? That's as rare as...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    September 2, 2023

Talented Youngster Claims Oakcrest Men's Golf Title

by Jeff Olsen For at least this year, youth prevailed at the Oakcrest match-play golf tournament last weekend in Roseau. Even the number one seed, Jared Strand, who can do magic with a set of clubs...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    September 2, 2023

The 2023 Relay for Life Was A Standout Classic

by Jeff Olsen Everywhere on Thursday evening August 17, there were mostly smiles during the Roseau County Relay for Life at the Gazebo in Roseau. Some were celebrating just feeling better, their hair...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    September 2, 2023

Camp Hope Hopes To Help Grieving Children

by Jeff Olsen Milly Prachar wants to get the word out to parents or guardians of children who are in the grieving process after losing a parent, a sibling, a relative or a friend. "About nine months a...


Pour me a tap beer and hand me the beer nuts

I used to meet colorful characters in bars. Guys like Lazy Bill Lucas at the Triangle Bar on the West Bank near the University of Minnesota. In 1965, beer was cheap – 15 cents a tap beer – while...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    September 2, 2023

The argument ended abruptly with pistol shots

by Jeff Olsen Possibly, alcohol was the catalyst in a fatal shooting west of Warroad on Monday evening, August 28. The shooter, David Allen Corneliusen, 63, admitted to authorities following his...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    August 26, 2023

The Roseau Wellness Center is in the Running

A week ago Thursday evening, August 17, Roseau Mayor Dan Fabian was duly impressed. Initially, he remarked that he couldn't recall any committee from the Minnesota State Legislature coming this far...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    August 26, 2023

The 'WE ARE WATER' Interactive Exhibit is refreshing

Unless you're drowning or afflicted with aquaphobia, you love water. That should be Minnesota's motto along with "The Land of 10,000 Lakes." Roseau County is one of the rare Minnesota counties. Our...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    August 26, 2023

Noted Author Will Delight Roseau Elementary Students

by Jeff Olsen Booking Eric Litwin, the creator of "Pete the Cat" for two performances at the Roseau School Theater next week, is as good as having a Halloween party with helium balloons to let loose...

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    August 26, 2023

A good bottle of wine can be a lifesaver

Here are a few important facts to consider. Never argue with a woman who cooks your supper. She might spit on your pork chop. Never tell your kids that they're stupid. They surely inherited the...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    August 19, 2023

On the long Road in the UP to Help Others

by Jeff Olsen Wyatt Crist probably has two percent body fat - if that - and could easily run a marathon. That's even after a 10 day, 1,200 mile bike ride through the Upper Peninsula in Michigan. In...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    August 19, 2023

Roseau Couple Is Living the Good Life and Much More

by Jeff Olsen Some like it hot! Jaeden Johannesson, a 2015 Roseau High School graduate, was reached in Fort Myers, Florida, where he and his girlfriend, Emily Skoglund, also a 2015 RHS grad, are...

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    August 19, 2023

Life Comes Down to the simplest equation

On Tuesday morning, I came walking through SuperOne in Roseau, which is a daily experience during these months of July and August. Lately, I buy a single item or two. If something is forgotten, it's... Full story

 By Jeff Olsen    News    August 11, 2023

Kermit Jensen is the new Roseau County Commissioner

by Jeff Olsen After cruising to a primary victory this past May over six other challengers, Mr. Jensen enjoyed another comfortable victory on Tuesday evening as he defeated Tim Palmquist, 329 votes...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    August 11, 2023

She's more than a flower child with a sprinkler

by Jeff Olsen There she was, standing alongside a Polaris Ranger doing the job of making the City of Roseau more colorful. She could be considered a flower girl. But not a flower child from back in...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    August 11, 2023

She comes at life with a smile and a purpose

by Jeff Olsen Even her first name is unique. Shaylin Kartes, a Roseau lass, was spotted with a big smile as thunder and lightning roared all around her as she stood calmly outside the Altru Hospital...

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    August 11, 2023

In America, he's more popular than Jesus

The other day, I was in Citizens State Bank and here came a character by the name of Smo, who frequently berates me for not being in the Trump Circuit of Loyalists. He's a big guy and I'm basically a...


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