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 By Jeff Olsen    News    May 27, 2023 

Stordahl Flies High On Veterans Honor Flight

by Jeff Olsen Call him the Happy Soldier. He didn't mind KP, polishing brass, shining boots, policing cigarette butts, or dropping down and doing 50 push-ups. To this day, he has no regrets about his...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    May 27, 2023 

Appreciative Paula Has a New Lease on Life

by Jeff Olsen Paula Peterson wasn't quite at Heaven's Gate, but the Roseau resident wasn't running marathons, skipping rope or climbing the Grand Tetons. She needed a new kidney. "I'm okay," she said...

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    May 27, 2023 

A Life is really worth sharing and appreciating

Always when there is mention of TV characters, I think of our wonderful local characters who should be on the telly or in the movies. Take the Dawg, aka Steve Furuseth, a wonderful and roguish...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    May 20, 2023

It's Tuesdays With Judge Dixon in Courtroom One

by Jeff Olsen The judge laughs and, yes, she even smiles. In early May, she was spotted without her black robe in Courtroom One. Every other Tuesday is Treatment Court Day at the Roseau County...

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    May 20, 2023

Here's a handful of sunflower seeds, my dear!

It was an interesting start to Mother's Day 2023. A female acquaintance texted quite early on Sunday morning. Are you making Autumn breakfast? I thought it was a trick question because nobody has...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    May 13, 2023

Jensen and Palmquist Advance to General Election

by Jeff Olsen Kermit Jensen and Tim Palmquist have advanced to the August 8 general election following this past Tuesday's District 4 Roseau County Commissioner primary election. With 320 votes, Mr....

 By Jeff Olsen    News    May 13, 2023

Roseau Anglers Shine In Zippel Bay Ice Out

by Jeff Olsen Last weekend, three sets of Roseau anglers didn't claim the title at the 2023 Ice Out Northern Tournament on Lake of the Woods, They did, however, finish in the top money to earn...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    May 13, 2023

The Kid, the Skipper, and the Game at the Metrodome

by Jeff Olsen Benji, the son of John and Sue Wilebski of rural Greenbush, is no longer The Kid. He just began his third year of Medical School at the University of North Dakota and will graduate in...

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    May 13, 2023

Just remembering some old and odd characters

Sometimes, I finish an interview thinking, "Now, that's a person I'd like to sit down and drink a beer with." What's really uncharacteristic is thinking, "And I'll buy!" I've been in this racket -...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    May 6, 2023

Meet the Two RHS All-State Band Members

by Jeff Olsen Anders Mattson plays the trumpet and could wake up the entire household if he is in the mood. Mr. Mattson, a sophomore, earned All-State honors recently and will participate in the...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    May 6, 2023

The Five Sisters remember and honor their War Hero Dad

by Jeff Olsen It's possible that Roseau's Wendell Hamerl, a gunner in the U.S. Army Air Force, was one of the more publicized local World War II veterans. He was shot down twice, escaped capture the...

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    May 6, 2023

So, you want to burn a stack of objectionable books!

One of the funniest autobiographies about sex is “My Life and Loves” by Frank Harris, which was first printed in 1922. It probably was banned for a while. A bunch of us pals read it in 1965. It...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    April 29, 2023

Meet The UPS Gal With the Terrific Outlook and Smile

by Jeff Olsen Katie Marynik was dropping off packages at various Roseau businesses and residences last week. She stands out in a crowd. At just an inch shy of 72 inches, she is occasionally asked if... Full story

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    April 29, 2023

Sometimes, life throws you for a fruit loop

You can insist all you want that life's a bummer. I won't argue. Scott Helgeland died on April 4, and he was just 46. The other day, a friend emailed his obituary and remarked - "Said he was a wrestle...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    April 22, 2023

Nine Border-Jumping Migrants surrender to U. S. authorities

by Jeff Olsen Sometime near 4:45 a.m. this past Tuesday, a 911 call was received by the Roseau County Sheriff's Department dispatcher in which language was a barrier. The caller didn't speak English....

 By Jeff Olsen    News    April 22, 2023

Meet the District 4 County Commissioner Candidates

by Jeff Olsen A week ago Tuesday, April 11, the seven Roseau County District 4 commissioner candidates had approximately seven minutes to make their statements on why they deserve your votes in the...

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    April 22, 2023

Sorry, I won't be sending a graduation card

But I am offering free advice. Over the years, it’s been fun writing occasional columns advising high school seniors on my tips for success in life and also preparing them for the unexpected...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    April 15, 2023

Felony charges filed on Roseau man who torched home

by Jeff Olsen Last weekend, Roseau Police Chief Marc Hodge remarked on the incident in which the son of a Roseau resident set fire inside the residence as well as discharged gunshots inside the...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    April 15, 2023

Here's a novel way to assist crime fighting

by Jeff Olsen In late March, Devin Corneliusen, an investigator with the Roseau County Sheriff's Department, wanted the public to be aware of a new crime fighting phone app. He released the following...

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    April 15, 2023

This is Definitely living high off the hog

I never knew that Clarence Thomas and his wife, Ginni, somewhat of a conservative gadfly, hang out in the same social circles as my wife and I do. Autumn and I travel cheap. Damn cheap. It's nothing...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    April 8, 2023

Warroad delegation traveled to the State Legislature

It's a personal issue when it comes to old traditions. You fight for what is right. For the Warroad community, it's retaining the Warriors' sports name and logo. On Wednesday, March 29, they attended...

 By Jeff Olsen    Sports    April 8, 2023

Basketball whiz has to walk away from her true love

Katie Borowicz is more than pretty good. She is exceptional. Even as a seventh grader, she performed magic on the court with her unique skills. It was less than three years ago that Katie chose to...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    April 8, 2023

Roseau County Board appoints new Assistant County Attorney

Prior to the February 28 Roseau County Board meeting, County Commissioner Jack Swanson underscored that the Roseau County Attorney's Office is so swamped that they require an additional assistant...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    April 1, 2023


Weather had an impact on the regional Knowledge Bowl competition in Thief River Falls on March 22. Only 15 of the 18 teams were on hand due to poor travel conditions. "Our kids were in the top rooms...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    April 1, 2023

Roseau American Legion Post is now 104 years young

In early March, the Kaleb E. Lindquist American Legion Post 24 marked its 104th anniversary. By 1919, the Volstead Amendment had been passed, which outlawed alcoholic beverages in the United States...


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