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 By Jeff Olsen    News    May 30, 2020 

The 2020 RHS Graduation Ceremony will be unique

by Jeff Olsen Never has a Roseau High School graduation ceremony been held in the school parking lot. Thus, the Class of 2020 will forever hold the bragging rights as the first ever. What's more,...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    May 30, 2020 

Roseau Memorial Day Program was remarkable

by Jeff Olsen It was a different Memorial Day morning as the sun began to break through the clouds and one could hear the birds singing. That was different. Missing in action due to COVID-19 was the...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    May 30, 2020 

Roseau County Courthouse will open on June 1

by Jeff Olsen During Tuesday's Roseau County Board virtual meeting, the commissioners approved the COVID-19 Preparedness Plan detailing what must be done on a daily basis at the Roseau County...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    May 30, 2020 

Roseau City Center to Stay Closed

by Jeff Olsen Even before the virtual city council meeting on Tuesday, Mayor Jeff Pelowski weighed the pros and cons of opening the Roseau City Center. "If there's a functional use for it, yeah. But...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    May 30, 2020 

Graduates, nothing beats a lifetime of stumbles

That's why I have been invited to share a few timely tips on what not to do as you begin the big stumble into adulthood. Boy, did I ever stumble. Last Friday, I stumbled upon a caravan of vehicles...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    May 23, 2020

Popular Roseau County Official Pulls the Pin

On Friday, May 22, a number of Roseau County employees said farewell to Pam Grand, the veteran Roseau County Recorder who made the courthouse a little more special. She never threw her weight around...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    May 23, 2020

The 2020 Roseau County Fair Has Been Cancelled

On Monday evening, the Roseau County Fair Board met via Zoom and voted to cancel the Roseau County Fair, which is the main event of the summer. Richard Magnusson, Director of the Roseau County Fair Bo...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    May 23, 2020

City Council Shoots for June 1st

On Monday evening, the Roseau City Council discussed the Governor's latest executive order (2056) that allowed small businesses to open. "But it kept the bars, restaurants and theaters closed. We're d...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    May 23, 2020

Commissioners Combine Auditor and Recorder's Positions

On Tuesday, the Roseau County Board voted to combine the Auditor and Recorder's Offices under one department head. "We had already made the Recorder position an appointed position in April," said...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    May 23, 2020

Announcing the Inductees to the Roseau Athletic Hall of Fame

by Jeff Olsen The Roseau Athletic Hall of Fame Committee recently announced their inductees to be honored at the 2020 induction ceremony on Sunday, October 4, at the Roseau School Theater. Leading...

 By Jeff Olsen    Sports    May 23, 2020

They're the Sidelined Spring Softball Sisterhood

by Jeff Olsen They never got outside, never played a single inning, and never heard the cheers. Blame that on COVID-19. Yet, Teresa Hulst, the Rams head softball coach, is cheering on these young...

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    May 23, 2020

The Colonel has been on the frontlines in NYC

While many of the wealthier New Yorkers were escaping the Big Apple in droves during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Roseau's Colonel Martha Lystad with the U.S. Army Reserve was in the thick of...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    May 15, 2020

$40 million Roseau School referendums approved

by Jeff Olsen During a time of uncertain economic prospects, 35.8 percent of Roseau School District 682 voters showed up at the polls to pass two separate bond referendums this past Tuesday. Each of...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    May 15, 2020

County Board Gets the Scoop on the Changing Times

by Jeff Olsen On Tuesday morning, Commissioner Jack Swanson, who was recently added to the Association of Minnesota Counties' Blue Ribbon Governance Panel, addressed his fellow commissioners on the...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    May 15, 2020

The Latest On the Roseau City Council

by Jeff Olsen It was almost back to normal at the virtual Roseau City Council meeting on Monday, May 11. Consider this. They approved spending over 20 grand to purchase a temperature monitor for...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    May 15, 2020

The Carisch Flying Firefighting Team Is Tight

by Jeff Olsen Recently, Mike Carisch, a bearded gent who a century ago would have been a barnstorming pilot during the Roaring Twenties, was practicing a nifty maneuver lowering a 100-pound bucket thr...

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    May 15, 2020

Mr. Cleveland Is An Impressive Old Fart!

Let's cut to the chase. Jerry "JC" Cleveland, who volunteered for the draft to honor a hometown Staples pal who was killed in Vietnam and later fought there himself as an infantryman and earned a... Full story

 By Jeff Olsen    News    May 9, 2020

Mayor to Governor: Don't let our businesses die!

Following the regular Roseau City Council meeting on Monday evening, Mayor Jeff Pelowski was looking for a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. He never once said, "Damn!" But he was...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    May 9, 2020

Greenbush's spunky Ms. Folland is a marvelous role model

At 74, Marcia "Mars" Folland, a delightful character and retired educator who never knew anything but crutches and leg braces as a young tomboy peppering passing cars with snowballs, reflected...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    May 9, 2020

This friend in need needs a helping hand

Nancy (née Palm) Pellett, a 1965 Roseau High School graduate who now lives in Roosevelt, Minnesota, is being treated for Acute Myeloid Leukemia at the University of Minnesota Hospitals in the Twin...

 By Jeff Olsen    Sports    May 9, 2020

It's Always Spring's Smorgasbord of Sports

Ken Hayden knows best. Where else under one venue can so many different events be enjoyed? Mention Dick Fosbury and the Fosbury Flop to the RHS head track and field coach and he chuckles - even now,...

 By Jeff Olsen    Opinion    May 9, 2020

Maybe we never told you, Mom, that you're special

They changed your dirty diapers, wiped snot off your upper lip, read you bedtime stories, and spanked your butt when you had it coming. And you had it coming! Sunday's your special day, and your sons...

 By Jeff Olsen    News    May 1, 2020

Roseau City Council Has High Hopes

by Jeff Olsen It's not in the works yet, but the mood is optimistic that the City of Roseau might be turning a big corner. "It's baby steps," said Mayor Jeff Pelowski following Monday's meeting,... Full story

 By Jeff Olsen    News    May 1, 2020

County Board Hears Mail Balloting Proposal

by Jeff Olsen The Roseau County Board approved a LifeCare Public Health Service Contract on Tuesday. "Counties are required to provide public health, and LifeCare does that for us," said Commissioner... Full story

 By Jeff Olsen    Sports    May 1, 2020

Ram Baseball Coach Says Final Farewell

by Jeff Olsen It was an unexpected swan song, much like an unsuspecting tough old goose getting blindsided by a semi. For Tracey Wensloff, this would have been his 20th and final season as Roseau's...


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