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October 20, 2023

Cael and his doe

by Jeff Olsen

Cael Mack, a Roseau 7th grader, nailed his first deer while bowhunting on Sunday, September 30.

His mother, Lisa, had instructed him to be careful what he shot at since it was 90 degrees that afternoon.

"You know it's hot out," she told the lad. "We've got to take care of this really fast. We don't want it to spoil."

Cael can occasionally question his mother's advice.

"Why do I have to be careful what I shoot at?" he said, arguing with a woman who has shot more bucks than Kit Carson.

It was his dad, Jimmy, who told his son to shoot at whatever he wants if he gets a chance.

The kid liked that advice.

He was bowhunting and there's not always second chances.

Cael headed off to one of the tree stands at their farm north of Badger.

Mother and son began texting each other as soon as they climbed into their stands.

Moments later, a doe walked right under his stand and started sniffing around.

It wasn't after shave lotion.

The kid's only 13.

"We had barely gotten situated, and he's texting there's a nice doe near his stand," said Lisa, who had her daughter, Kendyl, a sixth grader, in their stand some distance away.

The rule is: You see your opportunities and you take them.

Cael shot through this little circle of brush and was dead on.

"He made a beautiful shot and it didn't go far," said his mother, adding that it was 7 to 10 yards away from his tree stand.

The kid is no slacker.

He began gutting the doe.

"With some help. We had to guide him through it. He's gutted some before, but he usually begins to gag but not this time. He did a good job!"

She laughed.

"He was on Cloud 9 the rest of the day."

It was his first archery kill.

Cael has an Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro.

"He's been practicing and practicing," said Lisa.

It paid off!

The Lad Speaks

"It was really, really exciting and kind of gave me a heart attack."

And he got it with one arrow.

Know what that bow cost?

"Nope, only Mom and Dad know. I got it for Christmas."

He and his sister, Kendyl, wearing shorts dragged the deer about 75 yards to the pickup.

What's your advice to young hunters?

"Shoot anything that comes out."

As long as it isn't a cow, he added.


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