Of all the wonderful characters I've known!


October 28, 2023

On Tuesday south of Warroad at age 68, Scrapper looked full of mischief. He and Wendy have been married 46 years. His T-shirt says it all.

Very few top Dean "Tony" Skogman - aka Skogie, Grumpy and now Scrapper.

Scrapper describes him perfectly - he's working class, stubborn to a good degree, and hell on wheels.

One definition of scrapper hits the mark: [He's a real scrapper; even against impossible odds, he always keeps fighting.] italics

That's old Skogie

His Warroad pals call him Grumpy.

Grumpy, my ass!

Sure, he gets grumpy.

We all do.

Usually, he comes at life with a smile, an intensity and an appreciation.

His favorite gesture is rubbing his hands together like he just won the Irish Sweepstakes.

Some guys bitch all the time....

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