The Andersons didn't get married in a hurry


February 9, 2024

by Jeff Olsen

Jared and Erin Anderson of rural Roseau are somewhat of an old married couple, considering they were still teenagers when they tied the knot.

And it wasn't a shotgun wedding!

Recently, Jared laughed when it was noted that he didn't object about getting married on Valentines' Day, an easy date to remember their wedding anniversary.

In high school, it was noted that Erin was somewhat of a spitfire.

Maybe you've got her tamed?

"No, still trying," he laughed.

Erin mentioned that you went bowling on your honeymoon.

"We just kept it simple."

They've been a pair for three decades, and they will celebrate their 21st wedding anniversary on Valentine's Day 2024. They said "I do" and they meant it.

They graduated from Roseau High School in 2002.

"She's a month and 16 days older than me."

They weren't the only couple married at the Roseau Courthouse that day in 2003.

“We got married on the same day as Heather Smith and Del Johnson. They’re still married too,” he said.

For the past six years, he's been employed in the Maintenance Department at Marvin Windows in Warroad.

He works the graveyard shift from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.

"It works good for farming, but finding time to sleep is a problem."

He is a busy guy.

"We’ve got cattle and we live out on the farm."

The former Erin Klema will happily celebrate her 21st wedding anniversary next Wednesday and turns 41 in May.

"We were 18 when we started dating again."

A year later, Jared proposed.

Did he get down on one knee?


Two knees?

"No" and she grinned

How did he pop the question?

"He asked me in the pickup."

They are the same age and have two kids - Olivia, 19, and Jaden, 16.

She was asked where they went on their honeymoon.

"To Grand Forks."

She smiled beautifully when asked the hotel they stayed in.

She couldn't remember.

"We went bowling."

Very few newlyweds go bowling on their honeymoon.

Remember what you bowled?

"No, too many years ago."

She does remember the key things in their relationship.

"We dated on and off for three years. He wanted to help his grandpa on the farm. So, he didn't have time for me."

But he made time a couple of years later.

"That was more important!" she said, before laughing.

What do you like best about Jared?

"His witty personality. He's a goofball."

She was asked what Jared likes about her.

"I have no idea."

Erin has been at Citizens State Bank since 2002. She started as a teller and now is in Customer Service.

She's a petite lass, tipping the scales at 107 pounds

Ever consider getting married on Leap Year 2004?

"No, then I'd only have an anniversary every four years."

Who picked the date?

"My mom. It was on a Friday, February 14, 2003."

What did Jared say about that?

"He was okay with it. We went to the Courthouse and Teresa McDonnell married us. Our moms were there, and that's it."

Got a photo?

She laughed.

"I don't know where it is. It's nothing framed. That wasn't the point."

They just wanted to get married.

She recalled that they set the date about three weeks before Valentine's Day after her mother suggested it.

"She said, 'Valentine's Day is on a Friday.' And that was it."

It's worked out perfectly.

Jared never forgets their anniversary.

"It's advertised well," she said.

What does he give you?


And not candy?

"Oh, I get candy, too."

What do you give him?

"Candy. I give him his favorites - Reese's Peanut Butter Cups."

She was smiling.

"I like any candy."

Does he consider you a good cook?


She remembers that they got married in the afternoon.

Come over from the bank?

"No, I took the day off."

She'll have flowers and candy next Wednesday, and he'll have Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

She's Married Many

Teresa McDonnell has seen many young couples and some older couples requesting her matrimonial services.

"I started in '94," she said recently and wasn't put on the spot if she remembers a particular young couple like the Andersons.

"I've averaged about 18 marriages a year," said the former Roseau County Court Administrator.

Even simple math puts the number of marriage ceremonies she's performed at over 500 plus since 1994.

Ever perform a marriage ceremony on Leap Year?

"I don't remember, but my good friend, Anne Granitz, was married on Leap Year."

Yes, Teresa has conducted Valentine’s Day weddings on a frequent basis.

But that’s only one special day of the year.

“People are more likely to schedule for my weddings when they can get off work and when their families can be there."

Teresa would never pry into what these newlyweds have planned for their honeymoon, but she now knows that at least one couple went bowling..


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