Putin vs. Political Crime Families


February 23, 2024

Boy are the liberal left crowing about how evil Putin is. Putin’s number one political rival died in prison. That would be a dream come true for dems if Trump was to die in prison. If Putin was a nice guy there wouldn’t have been forty-three assassination attempts on him. He probably would not need more than twenty-five hundred people that have the skills and training to keep him alive. Any means to the end that he desires is no problem no matter how many people are hurt or killed. The only difference between Putin and our own political crime families is that he takes responsibility for his actions. You don’t have to like or approve of his way of doing things. But, he does not even try to hide what he does, even if it seems to be or is evil and cruel. This old farmer respects that. The we got him this time libtards constantly after Donald J. try to hide almost all that they do. The good judge in New York City has no clue what his arrogance and stupidity are going to cost his city. Ninety percent of his cities commerce is dependent on trucks to haul to or from. Truckers for Trump have said there will be no pickups or deliveries made until Judge Engoron’s stupid fine disappears. Two weeks should make their point quite nicely. Fani Willis pretty much put the nails in her own coffin with her attitude and lies. Her lawyers putting her dad on the stand was not very smart either. He was a former member of the Black Panthers and his girlfriend of choice was on the FBI’s top ten most wanted. Between Fani, her dad and Wade her lover they were caught in so many lies there is no way they still have a case against Trump. Is it a coincidence that Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer became a federal judge and that very same judge, one of thousands of judges, was the person who signed off on the Mar-A-Lago search warrant. Not one single person who paid to rape children on Epstein’s island has been arrested. Who voted to allow President Obama to send billions of dollars to Iran? How did Obama get ahold of that money? Where did those funds come from? Just wondering.

So far with the money given to Ukraine we could have built six border walls, given every homeless vet two million dollars and ended homelessness eight times. Of the twenty-three republicans that voted to send billions more to Ukraine only one was elected after 2008. We need term limits! Rumor has it that Canada is building a wall to keep democrats and RINO’s out when Trump is re-elected.

Sheldon Larson

P.S. Russia and Ukraine have launched investigations to see if any Democrats have ties to the United States.

P.S.S. The biggest Superbowl in history is going on in D.C. right now. The Patriots versus the Stealers.

P.S.S.S. The Forty-Niners got two mail-in touchdowns and won the Superbowl!

P.S.S.S.S. If you own something you cannot give away, it owns you. Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. Never borrow anything you can not afford to replace. The only real difference between the liberal left and Putin is that Putin loves his country.


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