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Write On: Poems

Poems by: Savannah Hudnall

Roseau Community School

Mrs. Olsen’s Sophomore English

Day 1: 5-15-23

On a warm summer day,

I love to go out and play,

Smelling the flowers,

Reminds me of April flowers.

The smell of summer

Is always a reminder

That the flowers are

The best part.

A bundle of flowers

Smell as good as

A nice clean shower.

There is no greater joy

Than the smell of spring,

And when the sun sets,

Summer is the best.

Day 2: 5-16-23


Home is my safe place

I am undisturbed and relaxed

I am calm and BOOM…

I am afraid of this gloom

My home, my home

Is no longer my own.

Day 3: 5-18-23

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