Write On: Poems by Ava Holmgren


by Ava Holmgren, Creative Writing Class - Katie Laugen

Where I'm From

I am from decks of cards, 

from The Chronicles of Narnia and fake plants scattered around.

I am from the sound of rain falling down on a summer afternoon, 

from sunny days at Lake Bronson,

from watching Marvel movies with friends.

I am from Cookie Baking Weekend and Duxby Fall Fest.

I am from softball games on warm summer nights,

from hopping into a car on a cool winter morning.

I am from Dr. Seuss Books and nursery rhymes, 

from listening to music driving down country roads.

I am from treat people with kindness,

and the grass, greener on the other side.

I am from the sweet smell of lefse, flatbread, and swedish pancakes.

From Fourth of July weekends at Star Lake, 

fishing for sunnies and playing games of cornhole.

I am from Christmas Eve Church Service,

from caramel rolls on Christmas morning.

I am from winter days, building snowmen outside,

from playing games of rummy waiting for the ball to drop on New Year's.

I am from a family, large as can be.

Red Rover

Red rover, red rover,

the choosing is over

They have the rich, the strong, the wealthy.

We have the rookies, the poor, the weak.

Red rover, red rover,

they choose the same teams over and over

why do we never get a chance

to be on the other end?

Red rover, red rover,

at least send one of them over,

to give them a day in our shoes.

Red rover, red rover,

but when the games over, 

it all starts again,

the same as before.

The Magic of Reading

Watching the ink come to life

Images dancing in my head

Then it's time to turn the page

Seeing the name on the front

The cover, filled with hints of an adventure

Watchin the ink come to life

Smelling the scent of the autumn breeze

Hearing the crunch of leaves at my feet

Images dancing in my brain

Getting ready to start the fight

Defending myself and others in sight

Then it's time to turn the page


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