Enough is Enough!


To Whom This Pertains To: My husband just came back from the forest where his Grandpa and Grandma farmed years ago. He had put up a sign for his brother, who passed away a couple of years ago. You people with your Rangers, went in there- broke the sign, tore up the road and anything else to destroy- destroyed the memories. It must really take smart people- who are brain dead, to do all the destruction of all the signs that are shot to pieces- that are put up, so people would see where their relatives homesteaded.

It’s people like you, who shouldn’t have any guns or Rangers. It’s people like you that have brain damage. Who goes and shoots signs and mailboxes. Instead, why not picking up garbage that looks awful along roadways. Make yourself useful.

If you want to destroy things- go tear up your folks’ yard or your own, and see how proud they are of you.

You are not fit to call yourself Americans- go live somewhere else.

S.F. Cole


P.S. You people that shoot the signs are causing the taxpayers money- they cost between $400-500 to repair them. Aren’t you proud of yourself.


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