Reply to Jeff Olsen's Last Week Article.


Women do have a right to do what they want with their bodies. But they are forgetting something, babies in a pregnant woman’s womb has rights also. The babies are happy to come into the world and not fighting for their lives through an abortion plus lose. I was told a baby will give the mother a kick in the womb when they are happy. Also I was told that if a mother sings to their baby, they will be singers when the baby grows up. Can you imagine when your mother thinks you have too many brothers and sisters, that you have to be killed. An unborn baby also needs a father to be there.

My wife tells me, she had a friend that had a abortion when it was first made legal. It bothered her friend so much that she committed suicide. Do you hear the abortion people talking about this happening.

What I am going to say here, I don’t want to make it sound like it is a comparison, because they are both bad.

But someone that gets charged for sexual abuse, might end up in jail. Yet having an abortion is OK to kill a baby.

On television the other day, a woman said she had an abortion because it affected her job. Can you imagine, affecting her job.

The reason I wrote this letter is because of Jeff Olsen’s article in the paper last week. We have to support the unborn babies. I asked some people if they read Jeff Olsen’s article this week, they told me they quit reading his articles a long time ago. I don’t know what school he went to that didn’t say the United States Preamble. It was a good thing he wasn’t there when the constitution was written, God was used then.

Virgil Gryskiewicz


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