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Abortion Pill and Gender Transformation

On January 23rd I attended the Roseau School District board meeting.

I asked the Board to consider creating a policy that prohibits employees of the school district from assisting a minor child in obtaining an abortion WITHOUT notifying the child’s parents.

I don’t think it’s too much to ask.

The majority (53%) of abortions are performed by taking medication. In most cases ingesting 2 pills.

I attended the February 27th meeting and asked the Board to include prohibiting district employees from assisting minor children in acquiring hormone treatments and puberty blockers for the purpose of gender transformation WITHOUT the parents knowledge and consent.

Bills being passed in the State Legislature this session allow minors to have some medical procedures performed without parental consent.

In my policy proposal I did not suggest the District could not participate in counseling or helping a child obtain these medical procedures, but I wanted it documented in policy that it would not be done in secrecy and without the consent from the parents.

I encourage parents in our District to contact Superintendent Jerome and/or school board members with your opinions and concerns.

James Whitlow

Roseau County Resident


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