By Ryan Honl 

Two Roseau Gun Threat Incidents at Same Store in a Two Week Period


by Ryan Honl

On June 1, according to a Roseau Police Report, Kaliyah Jameil King Martin allegedly entered the Roseau Holiday with a Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro 9mm handgun making threats to a cashier saying “I should pop you” and “I’m from Houston.”

That cashier left to go outside to get away from Mr. Martin. He then followed the cashier outside and another cashier observed Mr. Martin pull out the handgun from his waist, pulling back the slide, and saying he “has it with him.” Video of the incident was captured by a Holiday security camera. Martin then left the property.

A warrant was issued. The next day Martin was stopped by the Roseau Police in a school zone and the gun, which was located in his glove compartment, was confiscated. The gun was fully loaded.

Martin said, “I don’t have a Minnesota concealed carry permit or one from any other state.”

He did tell police that he “racked” his gun which was corroborated by the police report.

After interviewing him the police said he was “free to go” and that the County Prosecutor would reach out to him.

According to the police report, Martin was charged with a misdemeanor for having the gun in a school zone, but nothing for the incident at Holiday.

The misdemeanor carries a maximum penalty of 90 days in jail and a fine.

On June 9 at the same Roseau Holiday according to another police report, Aaron Garrett Halvorson went into the store and threatened to shoot employees, walking “up and down the aisle” in an agitated state.

He then left the store and proceeded to walk downtown where police and Sheriff’s deputies arrested him.

He now faces a felony count with a maximum penalty of five years in prison along with a misdemeanor and remains in the county jail.

It is not clear if Halvorson actually had a gun at the store in the June 9 incident. The police did not recover one.

At an arraignment on June 20, Halvorson didn’t have anything to say to the judge, but sat mumbling.

He has a public defender representing him and handling his case.

Halvorson has a criminal history and was committed to a mental health facility after a previous incident.

Judge Dixon ordered a Rule 2001 evaluation which is competency to stand trial that allows the postponement of criminal proceedings for those defendants who are considered unable to participate in their defense on account of a mental or physical disorder.

The Roseau Police Department had no comment and directed questions to the prosecutor’s office.

They said Martin’s case is still under investigation and he could receive more charges.

Martin had stated he received a letter from the prosecutor with a court date.

Martin claims self defense for the Holiday incident, saying that the cashiers “threatened him” and he was only trying to protect himself.

The cashier who was the original target of Mr. Martin and tried to leave the store said, “It was terrible for about three days after he came in.”

“I’m worried he’ll come back into the store and I am concerned with what he’ll do if I press charges. I mean it’s my life.” The cashier told the police not to press charges but stated, “I want to get a restraining order.”


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