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Power Surge

Picture yourself among the disciples: “Do you hear something?” A sound roars from the sky without warning, the roar of a violent wind, and the whole house where everyone is gathered reverberates with the sound. Then a flame appears, dividing into smaller flames, spreading from one person to the next.

All the people present, (a hundred and twenty of them), were filled with the Holy Spirit and begin speaking in languages they had never spoken, as the Spirit empowered them. Jesus said just before he left that this would happen and they should wait for it.

Because of a holy festival, there were devout Jews staying as pilgrims in Jerusalem from every nation under the sun. They heard the sound, and a crowd gathered. They were amazed because each of them could hear the group speaking in their native languages. They were shocked and amazed by this.

“Just a minute,” the people said, “aren’t all of these people Galileans? How in the world do we all hear our native languages being spoken? Look, there are Parthians here, and Medes, Elamites, Mesopotamians, and Judeans, residents of Cappadocia, Pontus, and Asia, Phrygians and Pamphylians, Egyptians and Libyans from Cyrene, Romans including both Jews by birth and converts, Cretans, and Arabs. We’re (each of us), in our own languages, are hearing these people talk about God’s powerful deeds.” Their amazement became confusion as they wondered.

That is what I want to explore with you this morning. My main idea will be: The chief work of the Holy Spirit in the church is to empower God’s people for evangelism.

Indwelling Power: This is what makes the difference. Power for life, all consuming, purifying power. Giving the enablement to speak God directed words. Words which are able to divide between soul and spirit, joints and marrow, words which go deep enough to even judge the thoughts and intent of the heart.

It started with: They were all together, in Christ, with one heart, one mind and one purpose! They deferred their differences to direct their desire. Their “Main Desire” was to do the work of Jesus.

For the Holy Spirit to have the FREEDOM to work in the Church (Acts 2:2-4), not just the individual Church, but the “Corporate Church,” we must be “together together!” You can’t program the Holy Spirit! God works on His own time table. His word to us is simply: “Be ready; Be prepared; Live with the anticipation that God is going to do something good through you!

There’s the personal risk of the Holy Spirit at work in the Church folks: There will be misunderstanding, scoffing, rumors, even anger. The skeptics said, “It doesn’t mean anything. They’re all drunk on some fresh wine!”

As the twelve stood together, Peter shouted to the crowd; “Men of Judea and all who are staying here in Jerusalem, listen. Listen to me! I want you to understand. These people aren’t drunk as you may think. Look, it’s only nine o’clock in the morning! No, this isn’t drunkenness; this is the fulfillment of the prophecy of Joel. Hear what God says!

In the last days, I will offer My Spirit to humanity.

Your children will boldly speak the word of the Lord.

Young warriors will see visions,

And your elders will dream dreams.

Yes, in those days I shall offer My Spirit to all servants,

Both male and female, and they will boldly speak My word.

And in the heaven above and on the earth below,

I shall give signs of impending judgment: blood, fire, and clouds of smoke.

The sun will become a void of darkness,

And the moon will become red as blood.

When the great and dreadful day of the Lord will arrive, in that day, everyone who calls on the name of the Lord

Will be liberated into God’s freedom and peace.” (Joel 2:28)

Back in the early 70’s when the Jesus’ People movement was strong they hit the risk of the ridicule thing head on. Some of them used to wear buttons which read: “I’m a fool for Christ’s sake; Who’s fool are You?” Bold statement. Good Theology. There is no such thing as a no risk, spirit-filled Christianity. Where there’s wind and fire there’s going to be reaction.

Until Next Time,

Pastor Joe Elick



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