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Write On: Poems by: Julia Dvergsten

Poems by: Julia Dvergsten

Roseau Community School

Mrs. Olsen’s Sophomore English


I come in many shapes and sizes

I could be white, black, blue, pink, any color you could think.

I get lost, cut, thrown, and tangled.

Wet, dry, blown, and mangled

I can be big and round or small and square.

Just enough to get tangled in your hair.

Don’t worry you can blast your music, maybe you’ll lose your hearing if you keep it up.

I can fit right in your ear or fit right over them.

I help you listen to what you wanna hear, and cancel out what you don’t.

I am your headphones and here’s one more thing,

If I provide for you, you should take care of me.

Sounds of School

The sound of gum being blown and popping, the quiet whispers of students chatting,

The sound of squeaky wet shoes after coming in from the rain,

The soft patter of drizzle hitting the grass.

Cars driving past while their tires spin on the wet road.

The sounds of a school on a cool rainy day.

The Old White Trailer

A little girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

A little boy with brown hair and green eyes.

Both siblings, running wild and free as they try to catch their dog who has a hold of a toy.

A tall man with a shaved beard.

A woman with pixie cut hair.

Both happily married and sitting outside eating salty sunflower seeds.

The old white trailer sits listening to the memories it once used to hear.

The old playground sadly waiting for the laughter and little children climbing over it.

The grass, overgrown as it waits to hold the little children who once ran across the yard.

Waiting patiently,

For them to return.


The cool breeze across my skin as I lay on the soft grass,

The warm sun shining down on me and my siblings as they run,

The soft laughter that escapes my sisters mouth,

The soft crunch of my brother's shoes as he runs on the crisp grass.

My home is outside where I can be content, home is where me and my siblings can be carefree and run wild.

Home is outside on a warm summer's day,

Home is where I would like to stay.

City Buzzing:

I hear people whistling and talking.

Cars honking and stores playing music.

I see people walking through traffic and the crowded streets.

I smell hotdogs and exhaust.

A Fall’s Evening:

The warm sun that caresses my skin.

The soft breeze blows the different colored leaves.

The smell of fall engulfed my nose in a calming manner.

The texture of the crisp leaves as I walk down the fall trail.

Fair Fun:

The sounds of kids’ laughter and screams as they go around on the large and small rides.

The smell of deep fried foods as I walk past the unusually large food stands.

The taste of sweet lemonade that is kinda overpriced.

And lastly, the texture of the seats on the large rollercoaster is cool and soft.


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