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Roseau Students Thank Veterans


November 16, 2019

To Dad,

Thank you for your service in the Air Force. You have worked hard to make my life as good as possible and I know sometimes I take it for granted. Thank you for everything you do for me!

Sincerely, Paige

Dear Veterans

Thank you very much for your service. I really appreciate and am thankful for everything you did for our country. I can’t thank you enough. You did not just fight, you left your family to help us. Thank you for your dedication and love for such an important passion.

Thank you, Sophie Olson

To Our Veterans,

Thank you so much for all of the sacrifices you have made serving our country. I am truly blessed to live in this great country which you have protected. Without you this country would be a whole lot worse. Because of you, I have been able to freely exersise my religion and speech, and that is a great thing. I have great gratitude towards you and everyone else serving, and every sacrifice you have made keeping me and my family safe. With the help of you and everyone else serving, this country is and always will be the greatest of them all. Thank you for your service.

Sincerely, Aaron Wensloff

Dear Veteran,

I don’t know who this letter is going to but I want to thank you for everything you have sacrificed and done to keep us safe. I am beyond grateful to have brave people such as yourself in our country. My dad is in the Navy and knowing that he is working with amazing people like you is reassuring in away. Thank you again for everything you have and still do to this day. Sorry about the handwriting.

Sincerely, Kylie Kendriek

To A Remembered Veteran,

Thank you for your service to us. I appreciate your willingness to put your life on the line. I realize that being in the military may have meant you missed being with, and supporting your family and friends. I can’t imagine what life would be like if our people wern’t free. Thank you for you and your

military family’s sacrifice.

Sincerely, Emma Dunham

To Our Veterans,

Thank you so much for your service! You protected our country so we could sleep peacefully. Thank you for risking your lives for America and everyone in it. It means so much to me, and to many others what you did. You are my heroes. I feel safe everyday knowing we had many protecting us. I hope you know how grateful I am. I wouldn’t be able to say enough “Thank You’s” to ever express how grateful I am.

For one last time in this letter, I sincerely say THANK YOU!

From, Samantha Butler

To Our Veterans,

Thank you for protecting our country. Even though I don’t know each of you individually, I know that you must be good people if you decided to serve for our country. You could’ve picked thousands of jobs, instead you chose to serve our country. It’s a huge gamble between life or death. It’s incredible that you’re willing to sacrifice your life for our country. I admire that bravery so much. And I know it can be hard to see sometimes, but you are loved by our country. Have a wonderful Veterans Day.

Sincerely, Kyla Novak

To Our Veterans,

I would like to thank you for fighting for the freedoms that my family, friends, and myself are so thankful for. I would also like to thank you for your bravery. Whether or not you fought, you still were willing to put your life on the line to protect all citizens of the United States. Again, I am so thankful for everything you have sacrificed for the people.

Sincerely, Amelia Krings

To Our Veterans,

Thank you for all that you did for us and the sacrifices that you took for our freedoms. Because of the things you did, I now have many freedoms that my great-grandparents didn’t have.

Sincerely, Morgan Zencius,

Dear Veterans,

I would just like to thank all of you for serving our country and putting your life on the line. I will never be able to do the things you do everyday. Also I am so glad we get to celebrate this day with you. Can’t wait to see you all again soon.

Sincerely, Kylie Emelia Bjerk

To Our Veterans,

Thank you for sacrificing your time and putting your own life at risk for every one of us and our country. I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of things that I’m able to do today if it wasn’t for you. You have to have an amazing amount of courage to do what you did.

Sincerely, Claire Roseen

To Our Veterans,

Thank you for all you have done. Thank you for serving. Because of you today we can do a lot more things that other people in different countries can’t. Thank you for risking everything to serve for our country. Thank you so so much!

Arika Carlson

To Our Veterans,

I would like to thank you for your service. I appreciate the fighting you did for our country and our freedom. The courage you had, to fight for and represent our country is astounding. Thank you for keeping my family and I safe. Thank you again for your time and service!

Rebecca Wensloff

To Our Veterans,

I am eternally grateful for the services you have provided. I don’t know how different it would be without you. You serve and choose to put your life at risk for the country that you live in. I wouldn’t have the rights I have today without you. I could never do what you do, I am not that courageous. I am so thankful for what you do. THANK YOU!

Sincerely Jessica Danielson

To our Veterans,

Thank you for all you do, for keeping us safe, and fighting for us. All of you are making the world a safer place. You’ve made sacrifices for our country for the greater good. You men and women are so brave, thank you!

Thank you, Erin Brandt

Dear Veterans,

I can’t thank you enough for the sacrifices you have made. To make our country a free place. I can do the things I like. I can’t relate to the hardship it must have been. But just know I’ve always looked up to the Veterans that have and are serving.

Gabby Olsen


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