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April 18, 2020

by Priscilla Krahn, Warroad

First off, yes, I know there’s a lot of uncertainty, and grief, and anxiety, and stress. I could make a list equally long of stressful things in life, but let’s focus on the encouraging thing.

1. I’m encouraged with families.

I feel like every day, I’m hearing about families working through school and employment trouble together. I’m SO encouraged by all the families growing closer through this time.

2. I’m encouraged with church.

Yes, I know many church buildings are closed, but THE CHURCH is not closed, and never will be. It’s been so encouraging watching the creative ways people have been coming up with to share Christ’s love during this time. The fellowship is different, but there are so many ways to feel close as a church, and I’ve enjoyed the phone calls, texts, cards, facetime, etc. that has been drawing the church together in encouragement.

3. I’m encouraged by the good that’s filling my Facebook page.

Never, have I ever seen so much Scripture, so many Bible studies, and sermons filling my newsfeed. I can’t help but think how difficult it would be for an unsaved person to be on Facebook without being exposed to at least a handful of Sunday morning services!

4. I’m encouraged by the community.

Driving through Warroad, and seeing all the hearts in everyone’s windows, and seeing how people have been supporting each other and helping through this time whether it’s making facemasks, or visiting the elderly through windows, it’s neat to see.

5. I’m encouraged by the politics.

I know, that sounds crazy at a time like this! But very few times in my memory do I remember so many people from opposing parties supporting each other. Yes, I know there’s a lot of drama going on too. Yes, I know there are things being handled poorly in some areas, but I’ve also heard good. I’ve heard politicians that are against the current administration, give praise to the way things are being run, and I’m encouraged that some are able to put their differences aside.

6. I’m encouraged because the soldiers at the tomb were wrong.

You ever think about that? They literally told people that while they were asleep the disciples stole the body. Seriously? Try that with the judge sometime. “I was asleep, and so-and-so came in and stole this. Then I woke up and called the police.” Um . . .what?? You saw this when you were asleep!?!?!? And these are soldiers, if they’d have woken up, and seen the disciples leaving, I kind of think they would have stopped them.

7. I’m encouraged because HE lives!!!!

Jesus Christ left an empty tomb!! Yes, this is a difficult time, but Jesus went through hardship too. He endured the torture of death on the cross because He knew that it wasn’t the end, and He had no plans of staying dead. He is alive, and no matter the uncertainties, we can be sure that He is alive.

8. I’m encouraged, because God is in control.

Yes, 2020 is nothing like any of us planned, but it’s not beyond His plans. He is still on His throne, and He is still good!

9. I’m encouraged that God’s Word is still living and breathing!

Things like the Bible Bee are still making it easy for families to use time inside to study God’s Word!

10. I’m encouraged that this isn’t new.

Sure, this is new to us. None of us have ever been quarantined for Covid-19 before. But the things we’re experiencing are not new. In just the last century, with the world wars, millions of people had their dreams crushed, their lives ruined, and their future thrown into question. All through history, people have faced hardships similar to this, and have pushed through. We can to.

11. I’m encouraged that the Bible has examples of these circumstances.

Have you ever read Leviticus? How often people had to stay ‘quarantined’ because they had a strange spot? How many times people weren’t allowed into the tabernacle because they were sick? 

AND, remember 2 Chronicles chapter 30? The Passover was postponed then too. We’re not in unheard of circumstances!

12. And most of all, I’m encouraged that in the end, everything is going to be made right.

No matter what the trouble, God is in control, and in the last day, all things will be made right.


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