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Salol News by Genevieve Michal

Spring is welcoming with ditch banks greening up and the trees budding.

The WELCA group here have been making quilts at home for missions— but just learned they won’t be able to send them this year.  

Sunday there was a big fire on some CRP land South of Salol. The fire jumped the grade where a man was burning his field. As a result the DNR brought lots of equipment out. There was no major damage.  

Betty and Roger Hulst should have an award for all the community outreach they do. They might just call you up asking if you want a pie or some soup!!  

Betty, Diane Monkman and Ellen Falk are sewing gowns for the Warroad Senior Living Center.  

Yard and garden work is still difficult here. It was a nice surprise when Sven, Brita, Erick and Katie hauled the remainder of my banking away. Tuesday my son came over and mulched all the debris and old leaves with the mower.


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