Remarkable Rachel is Poised to Be Grandma!


October 31, 2020

Family photo Front - Rachel and daughter, Randi Back- Roger, Rory, and Randi's husband, Austin Anderson

by Jeff Olsen

Life changed quickly this past summer for Rachel Green, who was diagnosed in July with breast cancer.

Rachel, 53, is a Greenbush area gal, who has some big plans not too far down the road.

"I'm married to Roger, and we live on a farm west of Greenbush," she said, noting that there had been one breast cancer in her family's history.

"My dad has a sister and that would be it. Other than that, no history of breast cancer."

She recalled filling out a questionnaire at the clinic some time ago for different risk factors and various lifestyles.

She had all the right qualities.

"I bre...

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