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Passing Mandates While Spouting Democracy

It is never wise to get involved in your neighbors business. This time our neighbor is Canada and their problem is not just theirs, but ours and the rest of the worlds. Justin Trudeau left no doubt that the Canadian people are his subjects and not citizens. Webster describes tyrant as “cruel, oppressive, and absolute ruler or master.” He obviously thinks he is too high and mighty to give them even a few minutes of his time.

The truckers have vowed to keep their rightful protest peaceful. Trudeau has not! What happens in Canada will not stay in Canada this time. There is a worldwide movement like the Merle Haggard song “headed downhill like a snowball headed for hell.” If our media would tell the truth about this scamdemic they would say that more than one hundred eighty-seven thousand Covid deaths were double vaxxed. Come on man! The common cold and the flu that changes a little bit every year are accepted as something we have to live with. The Covid variants seem to be getting less deadly as they continue to mutate. Except for the children that are the least at risk from the disease we are all big boys and girls. One more time your body your choice. No one else business especially tyrannical governments passing mandates while spouting democracy.

The good people of our world have woke up to what a few globalists are trying to do and so far are peacefully saying” I don’t think so!”

A little tidbit of information for our dictator wannabes in government to keep in mind when the convoy starts stateside. Well over ninety percent of truckers here have permits to carry and do. If anything keeps this country from going communist, it is our second ammendment.

There are a lot of peace loving people out there that think like Charlton Hesston. “You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hands.” You can feel it in the air that people have been pushed around to their limit. Better quit pushing or we will push back.

Onto something else. How can a person be fined for being in possession of drug paraphernalia when our federal government is handing out thirty one million taxpayer dollars worth of crack-pipes? Safe smoking kits, if you will. There are three hundred people dieing from drug overdose in this country each and everyday. If our government hates us and wants us gone that bad, it has to be time for a different government. Here is your sign. Is Russia, Russia, Russia just another diversion from what is really going on in our world? Russia is practicing war games on their border that just happens to be by Ukraine, Ukraines President invited Biden to come visit. Is that something he would do if he thought they were in eminent danger? He either knows more about what is going on than the rest of the world or is relay stupid. The smart money would say he is not stupid. John Durham is showing the rest of us what he has found. Russia, Russia, Russia was all Hilary, Hilary, Hilary. She, Obama, and Biden are all in it up to their scrawny necks! They are some of the very best liars on the planet, but they are really going to have to be on their game to get out of this one. Nixon’s Watergate was barely a drop in the bucket compared to what they did.

Hang em’ High!

Sheldon Larson

P.S. Now our appointed POTUS has picked a drag queen to be in charge of nuclear waste! Come on man. He or she looks like a victim of it.

P.S.S. It has been confirmed, HIV was added to Covid vaccine.


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