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No Harm, No Foul

This old farmer was recently asked if I was open minded enough to watch the January 6th hearings, After watching one dem or worse yet a Rino lie about Trump and a bunch more swear to it there was a timeout required to give the nausea time to pass. That twenty-five year old enjoying her minute of fame and glory was just frosting on a very putrid cake. No court in the land allows hearsay evidence. This kangaroo lynch mob does. Anyone that has ever ridden in a limo knows it is not possible to get at the driver or the steering wheel. Both other men in the car said they would testify under oath that it never happened. Even NBC said it is another impeachment trial. To those clowns running the fiasco with tax payer dollars it was another “gotcha” moment. Come on man! Any mind that wide open lets any semblance of intelligence or common sense fall out. The dems keep pounding nail after nail in their own coffin. Just in the last month more than a million of them said they will vote republican in November. How much blood Biden has on his hands is getting to be impossible to wash off. The thirteen of our finest in Afghanistan did not have to die. One can only guess how many in different branches of law enforcement are gone because of bad policies. Now fifty-three migrants have been found basically roasted in a semi trailer because of a total lack of border enforcement. The White House’s only answer was that “the border is closed.” With more than two million invaders here illegally it sure is. The thousands of gotaways is even scarier. It’s a pretty safe bet most of them are up to no good. No harm, no foul. Look the other way. It will be alright. Come on man! Now the Roe versus Wade scotus decision is all the news wants to talk about. In this day and age how can a woman that claims control of her body be dealing with an unwanted pregnancy? Just wondering. The peaceful protests that are going on all around us all seem to include property damage and fires. Mob rule and might makes right, is the order of the day. Violence and threats of violence is common place. If someone does not want to be a parent, get sterilized. There are more childless couples looking to adopt than there are children to adopt.

Minnesota does not allow the sale of fireworks. Every Fourth of July there seems to be plenty in every neighborhood. It is not that hard to cross state lines to legally get them. It is a ridiculously bad comparison but there are plenty of states that still allow the murder of babies. Our very own Minnesota is one of them. If you can’t respect yourself, protect yourself it’s not that complicated.

Sheldon Larson

P.S. Our Constitution ratified in 1788 served us well for the first two hundred years. As a country we have gotten as far away from it as possible to be able to find our way back to it. Pretty much the same can be said about The Ten Commandments. They are the Ten Commandments not the ten suggestions.

P.S.S. The cost of an electric car is up twenty-two percent from a year ago. It sure is a good thing nothing else is.

P.S.S.S. Amber Alert! Seventy-eight year old man wondering around Washington D.C. claiming to be President.


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