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Should I Pay To Harvest Animals I Raised ?

Another opening day of deer season is now a memory. After fifty-two of them which would have been fifty-three except there was no season in 1971 due to extreme shortage of deer, the sunrise was one of the prettiest. There is no shortage of deer, but an extreme shortage of mature bucks. After surviving a minimum of four seasons they have learned their lessons well. With many trail cameras out that take good pictures day or night the big boys are as scarce as hen’s teeth. Neighbors that pay attention say the same thing. Lots of yearlings, a few two-year-olds and almost nonexistent mature bucks. One more time, “too many buck hunters, not enough deer hunters.” After paying fifty-four dollars for a buck tag and a doe tag they will be getting filled. If this old goat didn’t like dried venison, peppersticks, brats, summer sausage and a pan full of steaks once in a while the hunt would never happen again. Paying the DNR fifty-four dollars to harvest critters that were born and spent most of their lives on land I pay thousands of dollars in property taxes for every year is a major bone of contention. It is not much different than paying the DNR to butcher a steer that was raised here. It is not about the money which is more worthless everyday. But it is about the principle of the thing. When a person has as few principles as I do, you try to take good care of the ones you have. It didn’t take long, but now my generation, or what is left of it, are now the old ones. All we have left of the “old ones” are their stories that most of us would love to hear again. With almost all of them passed on that will not happen. Life goes on.

Speaking of life goes on, evidently many still refuse to believe, or worse yet, just don’t care that Hilary smashed thirteen cell phones, there are 14,000 hours of footage from Jan. 6, Jeffrey Epstein suicide video was accidentally deleted while the guards slept, the Pelosi’s 28 security cameras all malfunctioned at the same time, Putin did not blow up his own pipelines and Joe Biden did not get 81 million votes. Meanwhile people need to quit comparing Biden to Hitler. Hitler was elected! Scientists say our universe is made of protons, neutrons and electrons. They forgot to mention morons. It is amazing how well our country was run by a businessman and how quickly a career politician destroyed it. If you have 17 FBI mistakes and 100% of those “mistakes” favor the party in power by harming the opposition candidate, those were not mistakes. Questions of the day. If no mentally disturbed person should have an assault weapon, should a mentally ill president have an army? Fact check: Nancy Pelosi moved 2.4 billion from social security funding to cover the cost of Trump impeachment proceedings. Why was that not on the evening news?

Sheldon Larson

P.S. Joe Biden is the Mexican drug cartels Employee of the Month.

P.S.S. Frustrated women demand trans women in public restrooms stop leaving the toilet seat up.

P.S.S.S. Husbands or wives do not have the right to kill their spouse to escape the consequences of marriage and avoid the financial costs of divorce. Parents should not have the “right” to kill their children to escape the consequences of sex and avoid the financial costs of raising children.

P.S.S.S.S. FYI. The lead prosecutor in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial is Maurene Comey. She is the daughter of James Comey. No wonder we will never get to see her client list.

If the left either by hook or crook keeps control of the house and senate, we as a free country are finished. Sad but true.


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