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A Special Tuesday at the Roseau County Courthouse Roseau Times-Region Is Official County Newspaper

by Jeff Olsen

Here came the judge!

On Tuesday morning in the Roseau County Boardroom, Judge Donna Dixon conducted the swearing-in ceremonies for the recently elected public officials, starting with District 1 Roseau County Commissioner Glenda Phillipe.

The oath of office is similar to the president of the United States swearing to faithfully execute the duties of his or her office.

Judge Dixon smiled when there were occasional slip-ups by the public officials saying their oaths.

In consecutive order, District 3 Roseau County Commissioner Levi Novacek, District 5 Roseau County Commissioner Daryl Wicklund, Roseau County Attorney Kristi Kjos, and Roseau County Sheriff Steve Gust were sworn in.

Commissioner Jack Swanson assumed the chair of the board responsibilities while Commissioner Levi Novacek will serve as the vice chair for the 2023 calendar year.

Mr. Swanson explained that the annual election of officers rotates by district.

Official County Newspaper

Roseau County Auditor-Recorder Martie Monsrud addressed the board during the selection process of the Official Roseau County Newspaper.

"The Tribune has a circulation of 903 and 393 within Roseau County. The Official Newspaper and the First Publication is $6 per column inch."

She noted that the Second Publication for the Financial Statement was also $6 per column inch.

"Now, we'll go to the Times-Region," said Ms. Monsrud. "They have 2,693 subscriptions and, within Roseau County, they have 2,324. Their Official Newspaper and the First Publication bid is $5.65 (per column inch) and their second one will be $7.65 (per column inch.)"

She added that last year, the Times-Region was Roseau County's Official Paper.

"We spent $30,731.40 and for the Tribune, we spent $8,361.06."

County Auditor-Recorder Monsrud then broke down those costs.

"For each subscription that the Times-Region has, even though we spent $30,000, it was $13.81 per subscription. For the Tribune, we spent $8,361.06 and that was $16.66 per subscription."

After a brief discussion by the commissioners, the Roseau Times-Region was voted the official Roseau County Newspaper.

The Greenbush Tribune received the nod as the second publication for the Financial Statement Summary.

New Board Members

Glenda Phillipe is no rookie on the Roseau County Board. Twice, she was elected to consecutive four-year terms serving from January 2011 to December 31, 2018, before choosing not to refile.

Four years later in 2022, she won the District 1 seat left open by Commissioner John Horner's death.

On December 31, Commissioner Phillipe stated that she will be working to enact the passage of two items that she was unable to achieve during her first two terms and is hoping she will have more cooperation on the board this time.

What are those two items?

"Our county is one of the very few counties in the state without the emergency signs. People know them better as fire signs," she said, adding that there is the assumption that technology will aid in locating homes when times are crucial during a fire or an emergency.

"There are so many homes, even if UPS uses GPS, they end up miles away from the destination."

She further noted that she had several personnel from Emergency Services meet with the Board of Commissioners when she was a commissioner, who pleaded with the board to take action, which was not financially prohibitive.

"We were voted down 3 to 2, Foldesi and I were in favor," she said, underscoring that the composition of the Roseau County Board has now changed and with more citizen involvement, it could become a reality.

"So, I'm hoping that we can get this passed," she said, adding that her other priority is something she will present later on.

She's happy to be back on the board and remarked on the quality of services in Roseau County.

"We have a great tax base with all of the industry we have, and we're very fortunate. Look around us, there are very few counties nearby who have the support of the businesses. We get so used to being so blessed that we don't look outside to see just how blessed we really are. I want to continue that in Roseau County, and I'm looking forward to serving as commissioner and doing the very best job."

On Sunday evening, Levi Novacek acknowledged the challenges of being a new county commissioner.

"I'm excited and looking forward to working with the other commissioners and using teamwork to collaborate and make things more transparent."

Mr. Novacek noted that he will need to learn about the inner-workings of the administrative end of being a commissioner.

"That's what I am going to focus on. I will be going to the Twin Cities for a meeting of new commissioners in the middle of January."

After he gets a handle on the process of being a commissioner, he stated that he will be able to better represent his constituents and Roseau County.

He talked about becoming more administratively educated and then getting very involved.

"I'm also not a mouthpiece. I don't want to get out in the weeds on a bunch of different subjects that I can't do anything about. You have to learn to pick and choose your battles, and which ones are important and which ones aren't."

He understands that not everyone is going to be happy with his decisions and that he will be busy with many issues.

"I just want to educate myself the first few months about the administrative end of doing this job. It's important to keep in mind that the end goal is to represent the common people from this county, District 3 especially, but all of them. That's the end goal."

He's ready to serve and is under no illusions that he can please all the people all of the time.


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