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I Love to Sit in Silence (a poem)

I love to sit in silence beneath the shady trees

and listen to the songs of birds and to the buzz of bees.

I love to sit in silence and watch the clouds roll by

Then read a book or sing a song and hear the wild bird cry.

I love to sit in silence when the day is almost done

and see behind the distant hill the paint glow of the sun.

I love to sit in silence in the evening twilight

and listen to the whip-poorwill singing with all its might.

I love to sit in silence beneath the starry sky

to pray all in earnest to live in silence all the while.

By Alvin Alexander

While talking with a delightful checkout person at SuperOne, she proceeded to tell me about her family's new puppy. Just a few months old, full of energy, and full of mischief. Their older dog, who is in his first year, knows better. Oh my, I thought. Coming downstairs in the morning to find all that puppy's evidence of a busy night. "Your puppy needs a 'time out' place both for you and for himself," I said. I wondered how long it would take for her world to get back to normal.

What is normal? For everyone that word is different. Some people never have quiet. I have a friend who came from a very large family. I have others who live by themselves.

I don't need noise all the time, actually, I prefer silence. But, when I paint, I like listening to books. I purchased an app on my tablet called Audible. With this app, I can get several free books to listen to. There are several free choices by hundreds of authors. There are also books which can be purchased. There is a higher priced subscription in Audible, which comes with more opportunities. I love a good mystery.

I remember years ago, I was listening to a book as I was driving to Red Lake Falls. Because I was not paying attention to the scenery, I found myself surrounded by only fields. At that moment, I panicked. I thought, "I have no idea where I am!" It was very disconcerting to say the least. At that moment a map was useless, so I kept on driving. Thankfully I came upon my destination. Red Lake Falls is a beautiful little town approximately 17 miles from Thief River Falls. They have a HUGE thrift store located in a large building, as you enter the main drag. I guarantee it will take you at least 2 hours and in that amount of time you will not have seen all of it. Grin!!

Back again to the subject of "silence." It is best to keep your mouth shut. I am a person who has learned the hard way. Embarrassing moments, and wrecked friendships. The lesson learned is this: "if you say anything about anyone, let it be to build them up not tear them down." This goes both to the general public, and to the person or persons whom you are referring to. A prayer on my wall at work from Joe goes like this: Isaiah 50: 4, "May the Sovereign Lord bless you with an instructed tongue, to know the word that sustains the weary. May He awaken you morning by morning to listen like one being taught." Amen.

Blessings, Julie


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