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 By Julie Elick    Opinion    September 23, 2023 

The weight of a promise

To make a promise either to yourself or someone else and then break it is often called a lie. I don't see it that way. If a situation changes which impacts a promise, you may need to change your...


Morning Thoughts about the Need for Personal Space

I woke up at 4:30. Thinking, “if I just lay here, I won’t get anything done.” #1. Every day has the same beginning. The first step of my plan was to get out of bed. I get up, which could be... Full story


Getting to the real Root of the problem

Have you ever listened to someone’s take on a matter, and decided right then and there that you are not hearing the whole story? Say, the person you are listening to is frustrated and angry. These... Full story


From somewhere to somewhere, it's a promise!

There was a pastor on the DayStar TV channel named Pastor Mark J Chironna. Along with being a pastor, he is an avid student. Dr. Chironna is a Theo-Semiotician, holding a Doctorate of Ministry in...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    August 19, 2023

Distracted by a "Pit Fall"

The following was taken from "Streams in the Desert"; by L.B. Cowman: Rehearse your troubles to God only. Not long ago I read in a paper a bit of personal experience from a precious child of God, and...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    August 11, 2023

It was suggested...

I love hotdogs garnished with sweet relish and mustard, and Marlin and Londa have a fire pit. The best part of this kind of meal is roasting it on a fire. The skin splits and sizzles as it roasts to p...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    August 5, 2023

"There we saw the Giants"

Num. 13:33, And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight. Yes, there were giants, but Caleb and... Full story

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    July 29, 2023

Was it happenstance?

I miss my Joephus. I would ask him, tell me what God says to you and then I will be ok. I sometimes feel like my life bounces against a wall in an empty room. How do you bounce things off yourself? I have been here and there, keeping in mind that I m...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    July 22, 2023

Losing Weight: Making your plan, Chapter 4

If you are going to do this, you will need to do your work. No matter if you join a weight loss group, or do it on your own, it will be totally up to you. Relying on anyone, or putting the blame on...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    July 15, 2023

Losing Weight: Your Mind Really Matters, Chapter 3

If your goal is losing weight, how does your mindset fit in to the mix? And then, there are your motives. If your happiness depends on how you look, you are going to be frustrated as you age. There... Full story

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    July 8, 2023

Weight Loss: It's all about rules, and "The Price Of Salt Has Gone Up!" Chapter 2

SALT: I could see right away what happened! I love Mexican food. I love the Mexican restaurant in Thief River Falls. My friend and I often take this monthly trip and split a meal. I couldn't eat a...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    July 1, 2023

Loosing Weight: " How Did I Do It?" Chapter 1

When you mow your grass for the first time in the Spring, do you say to yourself, "there, I did it, I have met my goal and now I will call myself successful!" It's 5 a.m., I am sitting in my chair,...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    June 24, 2023

All that was left was a dry stick

I walked by a small garden today on the way to the garage. I sighed and said, "this garden is going to be no more." A beautiful Tiger Sumac bush which grows there has lovely light green fern like...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    June 17, 2023

I Love to Sit in Silence (a poem)

I love to sit in silence beneath the shady trees and listen to the songs of birds and to the buzz of bees. I love to sit in silence and watch the clouds roll by Then read a book or sing a song and... Full story

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    June 10, 2023

GoodBye, ByGone Days,

Ecclesiastes 1:9 That which has been is what will be, That which is done is what will be done, And there is nothing new under the sun. I can be at work, busy, or trimming bushes in my back yard.... Full story

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    June 3, 2023

Note to Self: To Remember or not to Remember?

To-do lists are an important and effective way to remember. I have a small notebook where I often write things like "mop and bucket" I will see it and remember to bring it with me when I go to my...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    May 27, 2023

I'm coming back!

Joe was in his last days in the hospital. The first night of a total of three weeks, was our wakeup call to the finish line. Joe's first words were "I want to go to Heaven, and I want to go right... Full story

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    May 20, 2023

Cabin Keys

Trust is a really big word. It is a big thing to be entrusted with a "key". A friend once told me of a situation which happened when she entrusted her lake cabin on Lake Superior to a man and his sons...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    May 13, 2023

On A Higher Level

Amos 3:3 Can two walk together except they be agreed? Unless they meet together and decide together where they are going to go, there will be no advancement. So it is between God and man. Princess Di...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    May 6, 2023

Riding a train to nowhere or somewhere

Going along a dusty road, and the waffle bumps are jiggeling my teeth. If I slow down it seems to get worse, and if I speed up I get choking dust. I am so thankful for Sven and Ole's car wash here in...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    April 29, 2023

Simple Ways

Uncluttered, swept, and clean. What a good feeling. Bit by bit, taking maybe a half hour at a time to impact the bigger picture. If you do this maybe two or maybe three times a day, your plan will...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    April 22, 2023

Catching Butterflies

As a small girl I would love to color butterflies. Using a new box of color crayons, I would pick bright colors, and try to stay in the lines. Even a simple Cabbage Butterfly, as it flitted amongst...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    April 15, 2023

Side by Side

Good neighbors don't automatically happen. While we lived in Chicago, there were neighbors living in the same building as us who we never got to know. Some people have no problem going up to a...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    March 18, 2023

First thoughts and last thoughts

My first thoughts in the morning were "Attack! Panic! This is horrible! I will never go there again! And on and on it went, I felt miserable. On top of it all, because of a very frustrating evening, I...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    March 11, 2023

"I want to be just like you"

The story is told of a little girl who boarded a large jetliner, and settled into her seat on the right side of the plane near the center section. Soon, a generously proportioned man in his late...


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