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 By Julie Elick    Opinion    October 24, 2020 

Living in Roseau can bring a Triple TREE-T. Or Joephus and the 3 bears

Once upon a time way up in northern Minnesota there lived three bears within sniffing distance of a small town by the name of Roseau. The mama bear was named Bernice, and her two cubs were named...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    October 3, 2020

A little glimpse of heaven

Chapter 6 So then, Joe came into the Roseau Times-Region, were I work, carrying in with him my normal lunch. My lunch, which he fixes, most days, consists of chicken made on our George Foreman grill,... Full story


When God Interrupts Your Thinking, Pay Attention!

Chapter 5 There’s always a story behind how we get from point A to point B on life’s journey. And there’s always a price to pay (and not just money). Have you discovered this? Here is our...

 By Julie Elick    News    September 26, 2020

The Flies Came Back The Very Next Day

by Julie Elick This fall it seems like we have either more flie’s or the same as usual which means mega flies. We are watching a friend’s home, and noticed just under the kitchen window on the floor, there were approximately 150 flies. Also on... Full story


The Jobs Not Done 'til The Job's All Done!

Chapter 4 Our garden is already getting re-purposed for next year. Moving plants, digging up bulbs cleaning out the grass that almost overtook them. Joe does an amazing job of keeping the weeds at...


Friends on The Farm

Chapter 3 Pastor Joe grew up out in the country ten miles from Tacoma, Washington. There were five acres of “woods” (forest) and three acres of cleared land for their house, several out buildings, and a huge garden which was his dad’s hobby....


We got up one morning and it was "froggy" out! and it has been "froggy" ever since

Chapter 2 One day Pastor Joe and Wife put in a new window. It was a big window they could crawl through to the outside of their basement. It was a nice window with a deep well that it was set into.... Full story

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    August 29, 2020

This is a true story for children of all ages

Chapter 1: Little Guy Pastor Joe and a lady he calls "Wife," live on a nice street, in a small town, eleven miles from the Canadian Border. One evening, Pastor Joe and his "Wife", were sitting at... Full story

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    August 22, 2020

Baked Beans and Nehemiah

I received an email from a dear friend the other day. My friend was both angry and frustrated. She was exhausted, carrying her frustration with her all day and chewing on it at night. Because of her emotional entanglement, objectivity became very...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    August 15, 2020

Is, "everything you've got," enough?

We did it. We put in another sump pump! Now we have four, two in the basement, and one on each side of the house. It is the craziest thing. We put an egress window in last year. These windows are...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    August 8, 2020

There's Got To Be A Beginning

I was raised in a good home. That says a lot. My parents were committed to raise me in peace and safety. We had family friends from church and from our neighborhood, who had children for my brother...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    August 1, 2020

"Norway, Here we come!"

In 2002 my friend Lavonne Johnson and I took a trip to Norway, and what are the odds? My old relative on the Wingness side named Mickel Vigdnes had a birthday on March 4th the same day that we flew...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    July 26, 2020


Years ago when we lived in Chicago, we met a lady named Kathy Denman. Both she and Joe attended North Park Seminary. She and her son became a very important part in our lives. How did this happen?... Full story

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    July 11, 2020


Two things give me incentive for cleaning the house: first of all, getting ready for company, and secondly, before Lisa (Lundbohm) Vacura comes to clean every two weeks. I don't want her to think I... Full story

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    July 4, 2020

I was always up when things were down

Starting with a blank sheet of paper or canvas. That is always the way it is. Beginnings always have memories. A classroom with no desks...not a lot of light but I remember big windows. My first day i...

 By Julie Elick    News    July 4, 2020

Londa Lou is an Artist Too!

by Julie Elick We will miss the fair this year.Going from food vendor to food vendor, with a bag of warm Mini Doughnuts to begin with, then there are the ice cream cones at the 4-H place run by... Full story

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    June 27, 2020

Have Sanitizer will travel

I have decided not to write a story but instead, talk about a journey. We do not have to go to Mayo as planned because Joe's PET Scan taken in Grand Forks, came back clear. Our Mayo doctors still...

 By Julie Elick    News    June 27, 2020

Our House in the Middle of the Street.

by Julie Elick Sadness, and strong feelings of nostalgia went through our minds as we finalized the arrangements with Nathaniel Roseen, who owns North Pine Services, to come and take them down. Our...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    June 20, 2020

What have you got, what do you say?

There is a story told by the late Peter Marshall, who was a chaplain of the United States Senate. The title of this story, which has had a huge influence on my life, is called: "The Keeper of the...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    June 13, 2020

There is something fishy about this article

Two episodes, the first which started when we lived in Duluth, happened with a pregnant guppie. Learning comes in many good, bad and strange ways. This situation started innocently. I wanted a fish...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    June 6, 2020

Jumping to conclusions is the only exercise some people get!

Probably about three years ago, when Joe was dealing with his kidney issues, I got a message on my phone that a test was completed and available for us to read. There is a portal provided by both...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    May 30, 2020

My Dream and Joe's Bible Verse

Well, actually I had two dreams last night. In the first dream I lost my shoes. I hate dreams like that. Going around in my stocking feet gets old really fast especially when I have to go outside!... Full story

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    May 23, 2020


It was a long way to the top of the hill. My legs hurt, my bottom was sore, my face was dripping wet with sweat. I backed off on the pressure of the pedals against my foot, changed my gear setting to as low as I could get it, and continued to pedal....

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    May 15, 2020

Standing alone in a crowd

There I was sitting in the back seat, riding along in a car with two of my friends. Laughter, bright ideas, opinions, "Lets do something together" and my thought was that I didn't want to take part! I...

 By Julie Elick    News    May 9, 2020


Mid evening she would always unwind her hair, the bun she wore on the back of her head. A long braid unfolding down to her waist, waiting, I would watch thinking, long hair is beautiful. My formative...


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