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 By Julie Elick    Opinion    April 20, 2024 

The Good and the Bad

I was typing one of Joe's sermons the other day for a column. Joe wrote about an experience he had when sitting with a long-time friend at a worship service. This friend, whose father had just passed... Full story

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    April 13, 2024

Why can't I tell who this belongs to, so If the shoe fits...

The above question was the first sentence that came to my mind when I started to write this column. Sometimes a comment or a phrase will land unexpectedly giving me food for thought. "Will I do this o...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    April 6, 2024

One Room at a time, One cupboard at a time, One closet at a time

The 27 Best Decluttering Tips of All Time Decluttering is just editing your home. And since your home story is always being written, decluttering is a never-ending task. "Keep what you need and what... Full story

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    March 30, 2024

Up for a new hairdo?

Everyone has errant thoughts from time to time. If we handle them well and send them on their way, in no way should we feel shame or guilt. Martin Luther said, "You cannot keep the birds from flying...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    March 23, 2024

Thankful Thoughts

The following was my morning read. "May the Lord Himself pour out a fresh anointing on your life today! May you suddenly have a heightened discernment about where to walk, what to say, and how to... Full story

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    March 16, 2024

Rogue Thoughts?

I read the following and it really hit home. Now I will need to do something about it. It is not the kind of thing that takes a one time declaration. Instead it takes a moment by moment commitment. Ma... Full story

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    March 9, 2024

Daylight Savings Time

Daylight saving time begins at 2 a.m. local time on Sunday, March 10, 2024, and will last until Nov. 3, 2024, when we switch back to standard time. The time change means an "extra hour of light" in...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    March 2, 2024

Before you point a finger

Before you point a finger, check the following read, and tell me if you fit into the context of its thoughts. "God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called." They even did a slick little video... Full story


A Morning Resonance

In our journey as followers of Christ, we are constantly confronted with the challenge of navigating a world rife with discordant voices. The recent tenor of public discourse, particularly in the... Full story


Over the river and through the woods

We did a lot of hiking in the North Cascades. The State of Washington is known for its mountain beauty. Climbing up, and over through various places, keeping a close eye on the path. You will need a...



This is Valentines Week. As I was waking up this morning the word P.E.A.C.E. came into my mind and kept repeating itself over and over. So lets see where this word takes us. I don’t go with f... Full story


Moving right along and a unexpected blessing!

We are moving right along with my addition. The electric is done and ok'd, and the insulation is in. We are going with Keith Sandland for Basswood, which will go up on the ceiling. It is beautiful!...


High Places and a Middle River Donut

There is a story of a young woman named Much Afraid, and her journey away from her Fearing family She was asked to go to the High Places of the Shepherd, guided by her two companions Sorrow and... Full story


Now what?

There are times when you can't understand why you cannot do what you want to do. When God brings a time of waiting, and appears to be unresponsive, don't fill your time with busyness, just wait. The...


Inner Control

All of us "set our sails" to do right, but we soon discover that there are contrary "winds" aimed at us with the intent of blowing us off course. If we're going to eventually make "shore" we have to... Full story

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    January 6, 2024

Call Back!

Life is a steep climb, and it does the heart good to have somebody "call back" and cheerily beckon us on up the high hill. We are all climbers together, and we must help one another. This mountain...


Me, My House and I

A quote by C.S. Lewis, "Imagine yourself as a living house. God comes in to rebuild that house. At first, perhaps you can understand what He is doing. He is getting the drains right and stopping the...


Wrapped to Unwrap

Wrapped to unwrap. This is what it is all about in a nutshell. Sometimes I lose sight of the intent of the word “gift”. Taking so much in life for granted, I can lose the (gifts) of awe and tha...



Fear is a good reason to run for cover. Being put on the spot with little time to think, you may say, "Ok, I need to figure how I am going to get out of this." Whether it is an accusation, or a...


Does time wound all heels?

"There goes George", observed an onlooker. "When he was young, he was a handsome guy. Left a wife and two kids to starve, and ran off with another woman. And now look at him. Old, broke and very...


Prop us up on our leaning side

The following story was told by an old farmer: “A pastor of a small church would occasionally call on one gentleman to pray, and every time this one particular guy would pray, he would end with the s...


Reshape your world by giving A "peace" of your mind

In our era, it's as if a pervasive belief (and perhaps it is tied to the "spirit of the age,") that our opinions hold the power to reshape the world. There is however a profound catch: history has...


A Good Atmosphere

"Lord, what do you think of me?" "Lord what do you think about"me?" The answer to the above two questions has changed and grown over the years, giving me a deep sense of thanksgiving. Before I was...


The Surprise Visit

Someone once told me the following, "When he came, I didn't know how to act or what to do. I don't like surprises and usually plan far ahead. But, this time I didn't even have a day to plan. Why...


Did I say that??

My subject this week is going to be on the word guilt. I would often worry about offending people. I would say, "Oh I really hope that so and so is not mad at me. The following statement was...


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