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 By Julie Elick    Opinion    June 25, 2022 

Life is like that

Somebody once said to me, "she always majors in minors". I do that sometimes. I feel it is wise to ponder or try to figure out where I am at concerning a situation, and then, get counsel if needed. Th...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    June 18, 2022

God's Deep, not thine; BE STILL AND SLEEP

Confidence can be put in many things. Even in a broken chair. It will fall if you sit on it, You learn that in hindsight. Our peace of mind is based on our perceptions. As long as everything is in...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    June 11, 2022

Guess Who Came for Dinner?

When we lived in Tacoma I met a woman named Susan. She had been talking to someone who suggested that she and I meet. She came over to my booth at a art show. She introduced herself and said, "It was...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    June 4, 2022

Finishing Well

It is a time, both for new beginnings, as I shared last week, and finishing well. Finishing well will be the topic I will deal with this week. I remember when Joe was in his last days here in Roseau H...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    May 28, 2022

New Beginnings:

Unanswered questions? You may be saying, "how, why, or now what do I do?" Life is like that. I am facing new responsibilities, and many insecurities. At times I get totally frustrated! I don't know...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    May 21, 2022

Susanna Wesley's Prayer Apron

Hidden behind the door of many homes is the reality of hardship. Secret things happen that few want the world to know. Yet, from some people (presently and historically) we are given the inside...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    May 14, 2022

Even The Winds Obey Him!

I want to share with you a devotional I read on May 2. It is from “Streams in the Desert,” by Mrs. Charles Cowman. The following was written: ....Some time since, in the early spring, I was going...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    May 7, 2022

Oh Dear, Did I say That?

The following quotes reflect the power of words: 1. "Throughout human history, our greatest leaders and thinkers have used the power of words to transform our emotions, to enlist us in their causes,...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    April 30, 2022

Good Intentions Can Fall Flat

I thought I had started out with a good idea, it made sense to me. Actually, I had been working on a certain situation for weeks. It was kind of like making bread, my idea needed to be kneaded. We... Full story

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    April 23, 2022

I forgive but I won't forget

The following document was sent to me from Pastor Dave Peterson, Northland Assembly, Badger. They have been doing a Bible Study on "The effects of becoming offended" using the book "The Bait of... Full story

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    April 16, 2022

Don't Just Take My Word For It

I had a very interesting conversation with a friend the other day. He asked me how I was doing, he always does, and my answer was to share a phrase I have been using when asked. I said, "I am so...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    March 19, 2022

I have a "Rabbit Habit"

I am a pattern eater. Every morning I have my chocolate coffee, (freeze dried instant coffee, sugar free creamer, and powdered hot chocolate. Then at 10:30 I repeat it. I have a transparent cobalt...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    March 12, 2022

Technology and the internet

There are a few people I trust for information and for good advice. Joel Rosenberg,, who lives in Israel, he tracks events and trends in Israel, the U.S.,...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    March 5, 2022

Family isn't Only Blood

I am so thankful. Yesterday I got home from work and in tiredness sat in my chair. This is when I am the most vulnerable. Tiredness will do that to anyone. You have spent your strength, you need to...


Words have Power

I have decided to write about certain words which I have collected over the years which have impacted my life. Way back in time, I remember Princess Diana saying, "Words have power." How much power...


The Fire Inside Protects You From The Cold Outside!

The title of this column says a lot. I had to write it down as soon as I heard it, lest I would forget. So much snow! I have banks of snow along the boardwalk in the backyard. And in my front yard I... Full story


Valentine's day is for giving and receiving the best gifts

When a person gets married or a new job, they usually have great expectations. It can be both challenging and exciting. Expectations go from idealism into reality, often sending us into disillusionmen...


Entrusted to my care

I was frustrated and wanted guidance for a situation. Instead of talking about it to a friend and asking for advice (which is a normal reaction), I prayed about it first, asking for God's...


Rain or Shine and don't forget the snow!

Shoveling can be a real task. I have our boardwalk, and a trail for the postman to shovel. I also have a short trail going to two fireplace vents on the side of our house. Concerning these vents,...


Easy Knit Newborn Baby Hat

Size 6 Needles – American (equals size 8 UK needles) Medium Weight (4) Yarn (I like to use a soft yarn like Red Heart Soft) Gauge: 4.5 stitches per inch (or 2 stitches per centimeter) Finished hat... Full story


Keep your lamp lit!

Thinking again about home remedies I remember Vicks VapoRub as a child. The smell, sigh, I am still hooked. I have a jar in the car, and a jar in my store bag (which is always carried to work). I also...


The Past, The Present and The Future,

I was reading the other day about memories, because of recurring thoughts which were constantly invading my mind. Whether these memories are formed in a person as an adult, or their childhood, they...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    January 8, 2022

Strategy plus a personal goal, equal purpose and Angels on assignment

Joe and I are still a team. He is in heaven, and I am here on earth. Henis there, and I am here, we both still have the same goals. The "New Year" definitely will impact the familiar things in my life...

 By Julie Elick    Opinion    January 1, 2022

I Believed Therefore I Have Spoken

There is nothing like meeting a positive person who shines with joy, confidence and hope. You know the moment you meet them that they run on a different power source. No one can be positive all the...


Love: (Week 4 of 4)

The topic of this fourth week of Advent is love. Excerpts of my column are taken from the book, "Unwrapping The Names Of Jesus." Written by Asheritah Ciuciu. We have been studying the names of Jesus,... Full story


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